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Anna is the lead editor of the websites LifeAdvancer.com and Learning-Mind.com. She is a psychology enthusiast and holds a bachelor's degree in social sciences from the University of Florence, Italy. As a socially anxious introvert, Anna has devoted a good portion of her time to analyzing human behavior and personality, the nature of introversion, a sense of belonging, and social fears, and thus, explores these topics in her writings, hoping to help people who experience similar issues in life. She is also highly interested in dream interpretation and the mysteries of the subconscious mind, the human brain's potential, the nature of reality, and the universe.

Just 25 Minutes Of Mindfulness Meditation Can Significantly Alleviate Stress

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American scientists studied the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress levels and came to the conclusion that just three consecutive days of 25-minute meditation can significantly alleviate stress. The technique of mindfulness meditation has helped many people to improve the overall state of their mind and body. However, until now, most studies have been mainly focused only on the therapeutic effects of long-term meditation practice. New research at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the first time, demonstrates that brief sessions of mindfulness meditation

Computer Simulation Confirms the Possibility of Time Travel

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Using photons, Australian scientists managed to create a model in which quantum particles can move back in time. As it turned out, the laws of standard quantum mechanics may be violated at the same time. Physicists from the University of Queensland in Australia set out to simulate a computer experiment, which could prove the possibility of time travel at the quantum level, predicted in 1991. They managed to simulate the behavior of a single photon passing through a wormhole in space-time in the past and

How Will the World Change by 2025?

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Having analyzed huge volumes of data regarding the scientific studies and patent applications, the company Thomson Reuters, a child agency of Reuters, came up with a list of ten innovations that promise a dramatic world change by 2025. Intellectual Property and Science Department of the company initially identified ten areas of scientific research which are most often referred to in the scientific literature. This information was combined with data on the areas with most of the patent application claims. Here are Top Ten Innovations of