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Anna is the lead editor of the websites and She is a psychology enthusiast and holds a bachelor's degree in social sciences from the University of Florence, Italy. As a socially anxious introvert, Anna has devoted a good portion of her time to analyzing human behavior and personality, the nature of introversion, a sense of belonging, and social fears, and thus, explores these topics in her writings, hoping to help people who experience similar issues in life. She is also highly interested in dream interpretation and the mysteries of the subconscious mind, the human brain's potential, the nature of reality, and the universe.

20 Quotes about Being Strong to Motivate You When Life Gets Hard

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Resilience is one of the most valuable qualities to have. Today, we all need it more than ever as we are facing unprecedented challenges. Quotes about being strong remind us of the inner power we all have. Life is not only about sunshine and butterflies; sometimes, we need to go through darkness. Hard times are inevitable in life – it’s a fact. But another undeniable fact is that they never last forever. It’s difficult to believe in the bright future when you find yourself in

15 Powerful Quotes about Truth and Honesty

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Sadly enough, honest people are becoming an endangered species in our world. Still, these quotes about truth remind us that honesty is a timeless value and we should cultivate it. How many times have you encountered lies and hypocrisy in your life? I’m sure you could recall at least a few dishonest people and most probably, you are still dealing with these kinds of characters. Wouldn’t life be easier if we only told the truth to each other? But unfortunately, it’s not possible. Social norms,

16 Relatable Quotes about Understanding and Misunderstanding

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The below quotes about understanding and misunderstanding will help you make sense of your relationships with other people. Be sure that you will find them highly relatable and quite possibly, eye-opening too. Some quotes are meant to cheer us up and help us believe in ourselves, others – to make us think. And then, there are quotes that speak to the depths of our souls and reveal things we always knew but were not willing to accept. What can be more important in human relationships

The Touching Story of Messi the Puma Who Lives as a Housecat in a Russian Family

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Alexandr and Mariya Dmitriev from Penza, Russia, have an unusual pet. It’s a cougar that has become an Internet celebrity known as Messi the Puma. Having a puma as a housecat looks somehow pretentious, doesn’t it? This is what I thought too at first. But after reading the whole story about Messi the Puma, I changed my mind. The Touching Story of Messi the Puma Messi was born at the zoo in the Russian city of Saransk along with two other cougar cubs (that were

Why Do People Gossip? 4 Types of People Who Talk about Others

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Why do people gossip so much? I often ask myself this question. It seems that gossip is one of the most popular hobbies out there. Otherwise, how would you explain that shallow tabloid shows are among the most-watched on TV and celebrity gossip websites are among the most visited on the web? People love reading and watching the latest celebrity news, just like they love talking about other people in their lives. I could never understand this love for gossip. There are so many fascinating,

Maps of COVID-19 Affected Areas Show a Drastic Drop in Air Pollution

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There might be something good coming out of this pandemic after all. Life Advancer has previously reported some of the environmental effects of the coronavirus lockdown, including amazingly clear waters in Venice canals. But the impact is much huger than that. Satellite images provided by the European Space Agency demonstrate a drastic drop in air pollution over Italy and China. Levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over the regions that were affected by COVID-19 most of all appear to be significantly lower in comparison with the

4 Experiences Only a True Pluviophile Will Understand

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What is a pluviophile and could you be one? The definition: a pluviophile is a person who has a special love for the rain. Is this you? Then you will probably relate to the experiences described below. 4 Telltale Signs That You Are a Pluviophile 1. The smell of rain is one of your favorite ones There is nothing as satisfying as the smell of the rain. A true pluviophile knows it better than anyone else. So if you are one, then this earthy scent

The Emotionally Unavailable Mother and Her 4 Controversial Traits

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Your mother is the most important person in the world. She is the first to show you what love is. Your relationship with her defines many aspects of your personality and the way you handle your own relationships as an adult. But what if you were raised by an emotionally unavailable mother? My mother may seem cold and distant at first, but on the inside, she is a caring, kind, and sensitive person. But even despite so, her inability to show her affection and handle