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Anastasia Tilston is an entrepreneur, writer and photographer with a passion for art and spirituality. She holds a master's degree in English Language and Literature. Anastasia resides in Chester, UK and is greatly involved in various creative activities and art projects both in the United Kingdom and abroad. She enjoys traveling and exploring the world around her and is always willing to learn and try new things.

7 Types of Friends You Ought to Have in Your Life!

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What types of friends do you have in your life? Having great friends is awesome! Having different types of friends is even better. We all need support and people who we can trust around us… Who are those irreplaceable people in our lives and why is it important to have them? 1. Best friend/friends People who you can have a lot of fun with and people who you can tell absolutely anything. People who you can trust 100% and people who you can rely on

7 Sleeping Positions and What They Reveal about Your Personality

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People have various sleeping positions that can reveal a lot about who they are while conscious. This is quite a surprising thing, but many studies have been performed by various professionals, in which specific personality traits have been linked to sleeping positions and sleep patterns. So… the way in which you curl up when you hit the pillow can say a lot about you as a person! Professor Chris Idzikowski, the director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, found most people don’t change their

Taking a Shower Every Day? According to Science, You Should Stop

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Most of us believe that taking a shower every day is the only option and look at those who don’t in disgust. Such a delicate and sensitive topic can be found all over the internet now; however, a lot of recent researchers try to explain that taking a shower every day is not only unnecessary but also bad for our health. Many scientists say that daily showering is expensive, polluting and unnecessary. The old-school weekly bath or shower – with a brief daily sink-wash –

Do You Still Throw Your Eggshells away? After Reading This, You Won’t!

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Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in our bodies. While most of our calcium resides in our bones and teeth, it’s also important for muscle contraction, nerve health, enzyme activity, and cell formation. Our bodies need ample, regular daily amounts of calcium to function properly. If we don’t get what we need, our bodies start pulling excess stores from our teeth and bones, which is not healthy. So… where do we get the Calcium from? Did you know that eggshells are a great,

Emotional Pain Chart: What Negative Emotions Are Doing to Your Body

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This emotional pain chart will show you how your body reacts to your negative emotions. We experience an array of emotions every day - anything from happiness to sadness to extreme joy and even depression. Our body responds to the way we think, feel, and act. This is one type of “mind/body connection.” Each emotion creates a different feeling within the body: it releases different chemicals when we experience various things that make us happy or upset. Each chemical works to create a different environment

What Is the Difference between a Headache and a Migraine & How to Prevent Both?

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There is a basic difference between a headache and a migraine. Almost all of us experience a headache from time to time, which is a normal thing and can be caused by various relatively harmless and understandable things, such as tiredness or an extra glass of wine the night before. When you are experiencing pressure or pain in your head, it can be difficult to tell the difference whether you are experiencing a typical headache or a migraine. Headaches are those unpleasant pains in your

Do This 3-Day Sugar Detox for Weight Loss and a Better Health

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This 3-day sugar detox will help your body get rid of excess sugar and become less dependent on it. Like it sweet? Most of us do! However, sweet does not mean good… tasty and pleasant, yet very dangerous: sugar addiction has become a severe health issue all over the world, leading to different health issues. Sugar is often the root cause of the obesity epidemic and most of the chronic diseases sucking the life out of thousands and thousands of people. You name it, it

Get Rid of Dry Cracked Feet and Calluses Using Lemon Peel

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Do you have dry cracked feet and calluses? Lemon is the solution! Many of us are rather cautious when it comes to wearing sandals and getting our feet out in public places such as a beach or even a park in summer. We get used to hiding them during cold winter months and not looking after them properly… and then there is a disaster! Here is a brilliant natural solution for dry cracked feet and calluses which will quickly and effectively make a huge difference