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  • Fear of Flying

    How to Deal with the Fear of Flying with These 5 Science-Backed Techniques

    Fear of flying affects an enormous number of people even though this means of transportation has been around for a while. Let’s learn how to cope with it. Traveling by plane can be terrifying, especially when you suffer from the fear of flying.  No one

  • Kinds of False Friends 2

    3 Kinds of False Friends That Should Have No Place in Your Life

    Discover more about the psychology of false friends. Find out how to clean up your life and gain respect in this fast-paced world! Friends are an integral element in the success or failure of a person. This is one of the reasons why it is

  • Positive Reinforcement Your Children

    How and Why to Use Positive Reinforcement with Your Children

    You often hear the term positive reinforcement when talking about dog training, but this simple method is surprisingly effective with children. Positive reinforcement is the method whereby we ignore bad behavior and praise good behavior. Children can learn all kinds of life lessons through positive

10 Amazing Facts About Animals That Will Blow Your Mind

By | January 12th, 2018|Categories: Animals, Environment & Planet|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

No one knows it all. That's why many people are in a constant search for amazing facts about animals. We may think that we know everything about the thousands of creatures around us, but we

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Why It’s Important and How to Develop It

By | January 10th, 2018|Categories: Career, Personal Growth, Self-Improvement|Tags: , , |

The importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace is often underrated. However, the truth is that this skill can significantly help you move your career forward. There's a lot that's going to determine your success

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Health & Wellness

  • emotional stress

10 Signs You Have Emotional Stress (and How to Deal with It)

Are you afraid you’re experiencing emotional stress? Or is it perhaps somebody in your environment who might be

  • 5 Elements of Life and Happiness

5 Elements of Life and Happiness According to Carl Jung

Renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was the founder of many interesting psychological theories. He also pointed out 5

  • Frequent Mood Swings

Frequent Mood Swings May Reveal These 11 Underlying Problems

No one is just “crazy” so let’s stop the stigma about mood swings. Honestly, there are many things

Relationships & Social Life

7 Mother-Daughter Relationship Mistakes That May Cost Your Daughter Happiness

A healthy mother-daughter relationship is about balance and being fair, but there are costly mistakes that can damage this union. The mother-daughter relationship may seem like a perfect union straight from the Lifetime Movie Network. In some cases, this is true, but it’s rare. In most situations, there are certain levels of toxicity. Thank goodness it’s usually in small doses

509, 2017

How to Connect with People on a Deeper Level in Less Than 5 Minutes

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you could connect with people much deeper and faster? What life would be like if you could get to know people in

209, 2017

12 Social Behaviors That Push People away from You

We all like to think that we have good manners and know our social behaviors and etiquette rules. But is it possible that we are not conducting ourselves properly and in turn

912, 2017

7 Signs You Have Commitment Phobia and What Are the Possible Causes

Commitment phobia could be to blame if you struggle to form healthy long-term relationships. Check the signs below to know for sure. Forming meaningful relationships comes naturally to most people, but for

612, 2017

5 Signs You Have Unrealistic Marriage Expectations That Stem From Your Childhood

The biggest reason marriages fail is due to unrealistic marriage expectations. We want perfection, and that’s exactly what we will not get! I’ve been married twice now. I have learned so many

Environment & Planet

  • Family Road Trip

How a Family Road Trip Can Make Your Next Vacation the Best Ever

A family road trip is becoming a favorite vacation all over the world because of the unique chance it offers to build stronger family relationships. During summer when children are on holiday, a road trip

  • Man Planting Trees Same Place Every Day

This Man Was Planting Trees in Same Place Every Day. 37 Years Later, You Will Be Astonished by What He Has Created

This is an interesting story…a story of Indian man known as Jadav Payeng who started planting trees at the same place since 1979 to recover what looked like a lost island. By ‘lost’ we are

  • Cat Purring Healing Properties

Cat Purring Has Remarkable Healing Properties, Study Finds

Good news for cat lovers: cat purring transmits therapeutic vibrations capable of curing a number of ailments! Do you have a cat? This is the first question I would like to ask if you are

  • History of Cannabis Healing Plant Illegal Drug

The Compelling History of Cannabis: How a Healing Plant Became an Illegal Drug

To get a better understanding of the history of cannabis, we have to go back, way back, several thousand years ago, in fact, to tell a whole story of this misunderstood plant. Cannabis has been