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  • Colorectal Cancer Statistics

    Colorectal Cancer Statistics Are Lower In Some Nations -Here’s Why

    Take a close look at colon cancer statistics, and you will notice that they are lower in some nations than others. Avoiding cancer is every person's top priority. All of us want the know-how of keeping colon cancer statistics low. So what do people in

  • Master Bedroom Ideas

    Best Master Bedroom Ideas: How to Create a Spectacular Sleep Space

    Here are some of the best master bedroom ideas to create a sleeping space that will be both well-designed and comfortable. The average human spends around one-third of their lives either asleep or attempting to get to sleep. Imagine that! Combine that little statistic with

  • Inspirational Quotes About Life

    8 Inspirational Quotes About Life That Will Make Your Day

    Nothing lifts your spirits quite like inspirational quotes about life. They put positive thoughts in your mind and keep you motivated. Inspirational quotes about life help you understand things you’re going through and see the light in the darkness. They give you a whole new

6 Signs That Your Relationship Expectations Are Unrealistic

By | November 12th, 2017|Categories: Relationships, Relationships & Social Life|Tags: , , , , |

We all have certain relationship expectations. We expect to be loved, to be treated fairly, and not to be let down or lied to. These are perfectly realistic, but when these relationship expectations are set

4 Smart Conflict Resolution Strategies to Solve Any Conflict

By | November 10th, 2017|Categories: Personal Growth, Self-Improvement, Social life|Tags: , , |

There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding to confront somebody and some conflict resolution strategies to do it in a smart way. Conflicts appear all the time, and they are not

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  • How to Deal with Passive Aggressive People

How to Deal with Passive Aggressive People with These Science-Backed Strategies

It’s not always easy understanding how to deal with passive aggressive people. They love to make you feel

  • a man and a woman

8 Weird Ways a Man and a Woman Perceive Life Differently, Backed by Science

Aside from obvious differences, there are strange variations between a man and a woman that you may not

  • Breaking Up With Someone You Love

6 Times When Breaking Up With Someone You Love Makes Sense

Breaking up with someone you love seems ludicrous, right? Well, in certain circumstances, breaking up is the only

Relationships & Social Life

How to Handle Relationship Arguments Without Distancing Yourself from Your Significant Other

Nothing gets as heated as relationship arguments. Romantic couples need to find ways to disagree without creating division. I’ve been in my fair share of relationship arguments, and most of the time they resorted to negative words that fueled anger on both sides. Yes, it's gotten pretty ruthless at times between my intimate partner and me. I'm not alone either.

3108, 2017

7 Warning Signs That You Have a Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction is more real and dangerous than you could imagine. Could you be suffering? Here are some signs to help you find out. Do you constantly reach for your phone?

2708, 2017

The Eye Movement Can Reveal Whether Someone Sees You as a Friend or Something More

There are many signs that indicate someone is interested in you, but your eye movement is the biggest giveaway, new study shows. They say that the eyes are the windows to the

1310, 2017

How to Deal With Toxic People in a Mentally Strong Way

You can cry or you can get angry, but none of these will work. There are better ways of learning how to deal with toxic people, trust me. This is how I

610, 2017

10 Signs of a Controlling Relationship You Should Never Ignore

Relationships can be complicated at the best of times, but there are some relationships that can turn toxic. How to recognize a controlling relationship? This can sneak up on you, or it

Environment & Planet

  • Cat Purring Healing Properties

Cat Purring Has Remarkable Healing Properties, Study Finds

Good news for cat lovers: cat purring transmits therapeutic vibrations capable of curing a number of ailments! Do you have a cat? This is the first question I would like to ask if you are

  • History of Cannabis Healing Plant Illegal Drug

The Compelling History of Cannabis: How a Healing Plant Became an Illegal Drug

To get a better understanding of the history of cannabis, we have to go back, way back, several thousand years ago, in fact, to tell a whole story of this misunderstood plant. Cannabis has been

  • How to Start A Sustainable Community

How to Start A Sustainable Community and Why it is Beneficial

The words sustainable community may seem strange to you. However, they are starting to creep into everyday language. Mindsets are starting change, and people are starting to understand the idea behind sustainable living. Communities that emphasize

  • Happiest Countries World Their Secret

Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World: What Is Their Secret?

Which are the happiest countries on Earth? You may be surprised by what really makes people who live in these countries feel happy. You might have read many theories about happiness and its definition. But