There is good news for medical marijuana users in the United States.

First, what does marijuana cure? It cures PTSD, which stands for a post-traumatic stress disorder. The government medical practitioners have prescribed patients suffering from PTSD to use medicinal marijuana.

Get it right, marijuana was legalized for strictly medicinal reasons only, so don’t get carried away!

This move by the Obama government will surely favor medical marijuana users as well as the lawyers and members who have advocated for it. This will see an end to federal raids on marijuana growers.

Moreover, this policy will see a reduction in the cat and mouse games between authorities and the dispensaries using this plant for medicinal use. Although the government has not made it official on this marijuana policy, expect no more victimization and accusation if you are a grower or dispensary using the plant for the right reason.

The Senate approved marijuana for treatment along with policy guiding this move. The measures authorized include the ownership, circulation, sales, usage, and production of medicinal marijuana.

For all the American states that want to use marijuana for medicinal use, they should comply with these measures. Therefore, for a state to implement the medicinal marijuana policy, it has confirmed with its own legislature.

Out of fifty states, only thirty-two states have ratified the use of medicinal marijuana meaning that remaining eighteen states need to follow the bold steps taken by the other states.

This will lessen the rampant cases of imprisonment of those using medicinal marijuana and growers. According to history, the United States has been battling this war ever since the 1970s.

Apparently, stats have it that most countries have not beaten the US in fighting marijuana – it has not only used lots of money fighting use of drugs but also in being involved with imprisonment cases across the country.

It has also developed a great system of imprisonment than any other country. It is so sad seeing veterans ending up behind bars when they are trying to save the lives of many and there is a law that can hinder them from doing so.

When you visit the jails in states you will note that the majority of prisoners were jailed because of marijuana. They are victims of the drug war that the state has been fighting for decades. You might not know this but in a US prison, one out of eight prisoners is a victim of marijuana.

Another surprising thing is the extent of disparity of arrest between blacks and white that is arrested. This is an issue that a state government can curb simply by legalizing the official use of marijuana. In doing so, many people will be freed from marijuana arrest.

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