7 Green Technology Innovations That Will Blow your Mind!

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Green Technology Innovations

Green technology is taking a new route in the world of technology. Enthusiastic researchers explore it across the globe to come up with new designs.

They have come up with devices that do not require electricity to power them up! Amazing right? These innovations range from using magnetic fields to using photo luminescent stuffs. Here are seven incredible green innovations that you will blow your mind.

1. Kinetic Energy Power Source

This is a portable device that stores power for you to charge your mobile devices as you walk around. This ankle band is available in the store in different colors. As you move around, the kinetic energy is stored. It is structured with a multi adapter that allows you to charge your phone any time you need to.

2. Wood Burning Jacuzzi

This is an amazing innovation for you to use with your friends or family during the holiday season. This hot tub uses firewood to heat it up the water temperatures. The level of water temperatures in it varies depending on the type of the wood used. The normal temperature is about a hundred degrees within two hours when fuel is lit.

3. Magnetic Fridges

Who said electrification is the only way to cool the refrigerators? That is not correct. The Technical university of Denmark has enhanced the use of magnetic fields to cool down refrigerators.

4. Pressured Espresso Maker

We are used to electrified espresso maker but green technology is scaling its innovation with a new maker known as <strong>presso. Using presso you just need hot water and manual pressure to get a mug of satisfying espresso. Another exciting feature is that this machine is made of long lasting materials other than being renewable.

5. Gravia Green Lamp

Do you know that a combination of weight you exert and gravity will light up the LED Floor lamps? Clay Moulton came up with this idea and managed to scoop the second position in Green Gadget competition in 2008. Gravity is the source of power that can glow up the lamp up to 4 hours.

6. Magical Twist Camera

Just as the name suggests, twist camera is power driven with just a twist at its tail end. This green gadget technology takes quality picture since it is designed with % megapixel just like usual cameras and phones. Moreover, it allows you to transfer your photo files to your PC because it has an inbuilt USB outlet.

7. After-Lite

After–Lite is the advanced form of photo luminescent material. This glows up for long, emitting a green light. The photo luminescent material harnesses the natural and artificial lighting up to eight thousand hours.

If these innovations did not amaze you, then you must be some sort of a scientist ready to add up your own innovation into the list! 🙂

By Egline J.

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7 Green Technology Innovations That Will Blow your Mind!

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