You can get the most out of superfoods juicing. It is recommended that you eat 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

You may find this to be a daunting task especially if you were to eat them in raw form. By juicing, you can easily meet this recommended amount.

Juicing helps you enjoy a mega dose of essential nutrients. Check out the 7 best superfoods for juicing:

1. Celery


This hydrating vegetable is a rich source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and C. Celery also contains folic acid, essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, and phosphorus. It:

  • celery lowers cholesterol in your body,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • lowers stress levels,
  • aids in digestion,
  • calms nerves hence promoting sleep,
  • has anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent conditions like arthritis, and
  • helps prevent the growth of cancer cells in your body,

You can create a mini green delight by juicing:

  • 5 stalks of Celery,
  • 1/2 Large cucumber,
  • 1 medium head broccoli, and
  • 1 small knuckle of ginger.

2. Carrots

This superfood has a high antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content:

  • It helps boost your immune system
  • Carrots contain vitamin A which is essential for good vision and skin.
  • It is high in carotenoids which lower the risk of heart disease

Carrots can be juiced together with any other superfood on this list. You can also juice them on their own. You only need 4 medium-sized or large carrots. Process them using a juice extractor to get a brilliant health drink. Do not peel the carrots so as to benefit from their high nutritional value.

3. Melons


Melons are no ordinary snack. They are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals and are low in calories.

  • They contain vitamin A which promotes retinal health, healthy skin, bones, teeth, and mucous membranes. 1 cup serving of cantaloupe delivers more than 25% of the vitamin’s recommended daily amount.
  • They have vitamin C which is important for the growth and maintenance of tissues in the body.
  •  Cantaloupe is rich in potassium, a mineral that helps lower blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy.
  • Watermelons contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and lowers risk of heart attack and certain cancers. It contains about 40% more lycopene than a serving of raw tomatoes.

Cantaloupe combined with carrots and a touch of blueberries will deliver a lot of goodies to your body. Simply juice:

  • ½ cantaloupe,
  • 18 carrots, and
  • 1-pint blueberries.

Watermelon can be juiced on its own. Strain the flesh for a smooth juice.

4. Blueberries


These fruits make delicious juices and can also be used as sweeteners in green-based juices. They have a host of health benefits.

  • Blueberries are rich in manganese which improves your metabolism.
  • They have a high flavonoid content that enhances brain function. One study showed that women with a high intake of blueberries delay cognitive aging by two years.
  • Regular consumption helps in enhancing your memory.

You can make a simple, delicious and nutritious drink by juicing:

  • 1/2 cup blueberries,
  • 1/2 cup raspberries,
  • 1/2-inch by the 1/2-inch piece of fresh ginger root, and
  • 2 kale leaves

5. Apples


Apples also make delicious juices and can be used as sweeteners in “dull” juices such as broccoli juices. These sweet fruits help your body in a number of ways.

  • They provide antioxidants that have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory capabilities. These help prevent cancer and heart diseases. They help prevent hardening of arteries.
  • Studies show that a high intake of apples improves lung function
  • Their high pectin content keeps you full for longer and helps in detoxification

You can make a nutritional health drink by juicing the following:

  • 1 apple,
  • 1 1-inch piece of ginger, and
  • 2 cups of broccoli florets.

6. Cucumbers


Cucumbers are ranked among the great foods due to their significant contribution to the overall health of your body.

  • Cucumber help rehydrate your body since they are 95% water.
  • They help in eliminating toxins from the body.
  • They contain three lignans – lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol – that are linked to reduced risks of cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer.
  • Cucumber juice contains a hormone that is required by the cells of the pancreas to produce insulin, hence is of great benefit to diabetic patients.
  • Cucumber is rich in silica, which promotes joint health.
  • Its silicon and sulfur content promotes hair growth.

If you are the type that can’t tolerate the taste of cucumber, you can juice the following combination of ingredients to help you not have to sacrifice taste for nutrition:

  • ½ cucumber
  • 2 kale leaves
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 2 apples
  • 2 carrots

7. Ginger


Ginger has a spiciness and fragrance that makes it worth using in the making of many other health juices. It has many terrific health benefits.

  • It contains gingerol, an anti-inflammatory compound that helps relieve muscle and joint pains.
  • Ginger improves the absorption and assimilation of nutrients in your body.
  • It helps relieve nausea and flatulence.
  • It helps in getting rid of nose and throat congestion.

Ginger can be juiced together with many other foods such as carrots, lemons, apples, parsley, and cucumber just to mention a few. For a quick, simple drink, you can juice the following ingredients:

  • 1-inch by 1-inch piece of ginger,
  • 1 orange, and
  • a few carrots

Superfoods juicing is an excellent way to get the sufficient daily consumption of what your body needs. You can combine two or more of these superfoods in your juices to find out which combination best works for you.

We would like to hear about your juicing experience. Share with us in the comment section below.


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