You’ve definitely heard the saying “beauty is on the inside”.

You might not believe this, especially when it comes to skin beauty since people tend to invest heavily in skin care products so as to look beautiful.

Believe it or not, beauty is really on the inside. What you eat matters more than what you put on. The secret to the naturally glowing skin is in your diet.

Here are 7 best superfoods for keeping the skin younger:

1. Dark chocolate

chocolate-to-keep-your-skin-healthyYou must be smiling from the thought of chocolate is a superfood, meaning you don’t have to feel guilty about the secret stash is hidden somewhere in your purse, house or office.

  • Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, helping your skin stay younger.
  • Well, the smile you have when eating chocolate also helps in keeping your skin younger

Consider having a square or two after your dinner or tossing a few into your smoothie. It is of great importance to know that the healthiest type of chocolate is one with a high flavanol content and is 60% cacao or even higher.

2. Wild Salmon

salmon-to-keep-your-skin-healthyWild salmon contains nutrients that are beneficial to your skin:

  • It is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids which enhance the body’s ability to produce anti-inflammatory compounds. They help keep the skin supple and moisturized and slow the signs of aging.
  • It contains DMAE, a compound that helps in increasing muscle tone and preventing sagging of your skin.
  • It also contains the mineral selenium which protects your skin from exposure to the sun.

There are many ways you can add salmon to your diet. Try it grilled or baked in your sushi or pasta.

3. Berries

berries-to-keep-your-skin-healthyWhether you prefer raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries, all berries are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants.

  • Vitamin C is essential for maintaining a healthy skin
  • Antioxidants protect your skin from inflammation. This prevents it from premature aging.

Try adding half a cup of berries to your cereal or yogurt every day.

4. Yogurt

yoghurt-to-keep-your-skin-healthyYou should not only take yogurt because of its taste but also because of its goodness to your skin.

  • Plain yogurt is a great source of vitamin A which is an important contributor to the overall health of your skin. It helps your skin cells mature properly. Retinol, a compound of vitamin A, helps in treating acne and fine lines.
  • Yogurt is high in fiber and protein which help make your skin more firm and elastic.
  • Yogurt is mildly acidic, helping your skin to restore its natural glow.

You can mix yogurt with fruit or granola for a nutritious breakfast or mid-afternoon snack.

5. Avocados

avocado-smoothieAvocados are good sources of healthy fats and vitamins that help you get younger-looking skin.

  • They contain high levels of monounsaturated fats which offer protection to your skin cells and prevent wrinkling.
  • They have high levels of vitamin B which helps make your skin smooth and healthy. It reduces the appearance of skin irritations.
  • They are rich in vitamin E which helps protect your skin against damage from free radicals.

You can take avocados as they are, chop and put them in your salad or blend them into a smoothie.

6. Flaxseeds

flaxseed-are-good-for-detox-300x196Flaxseeds contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which perform a variety of functions:

  • They make cell membranes stronger, allowing them to hold as much water as possible and also prevent toxins from being absorbed
  • Flaxseeds dilute sebum levels
  • They unclog pores
  • They fight acne

For naturally-glowing skin, take a tablespoonful of flaxseed oil every morning

7. Almonds

almonds-to-keep-your-skin-healthyThese little nuts are not only tasty but also beneficial to your skin.

  • They help retain water in your body, as a result, helping to hydrate your skin and give it a glowing appearance.
  • Almonds contain fatty acids which help in the strengthening of cell membranes and the removal of harmful toxins.
  • They contain vitamin E which helps protect the skin against sun damage.

Almonds by themselves are a great snack. You can also coat them with honey glaze, add them to your salad or opt for almond butter instead of peanut butter. You can also use them in your shakes and smoothies.

As much as beauty products may help your skin, your priority should be eating your way to beautiful, younger-looking skin. Adding two or more of the above superfoods to your diet is a great starting point. If you have any opinion or comment, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.


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