It is no secret that grooming is becoming even more important, particularly with the rise in pop culture in our generation.

That’s perhaps the reason why more and more emphasis is being given to hair beauty and reversing hair loss these days, even though natural solutions and methods are often neglected.

With such trends, hair loss is becoming the number one enemy for many people out there. Nevertheless, there are still ways and natural solutions which can be used to mitigate hair loss in the process, ensuring that you will never worry about your hair looks again!

1. Reduce Hair Products

Most companies sell hair products without mentioning the side effects that may result from excessive use from a consumer perspective. The truth is that most hair products can cause damage to the hair follicles while others dry your hair making it brittle.

Products like shampoo should be used with caution lest you want to lose more hair in the name of doing hair therapy. The same can be said of hair conditioners with strong chemical meaning that you should be wise to opt or natural products.

2. Try Coconut Oil

If you have brittle or damaged hair, then coconut oil is the way to go. It is very nourishing to your hair in the sense that it will strengthen its roots. Not only does it boost hair strength but it will also make it look shiny in an attractive manner.

Just try applying it twice a week and you will the difference it makes. I bet you will find it cheaper and effective than other oil options in the market.

3. Improve Your Diet

Whichever route you want to take with your hair, without a good diet you are bound to fail! Your hair is very responsive to minerals, protein and vitamin. In this regard, it is advisable you have a diet with lots of greens, fruits, and organic protein.

4. Refrain from applying Excessive Heat on your Hair

Hair flaking can also result from excessive heat from tools like a blow dryer, curling iron among others. The main reason behind this is that heat damages the scalp, not forgetting the damage it does directly to your hair.

Tip: If you should use such tools, make sure you control the amount of heat applied on your hair.

5. Avoid Narrow Combs with Wet Hair

This is a mistake many women do without knowing it could be the one resulting in hair loss. Of course, wet hair is fragile meaning that using a narrow comb would easily damage strands of your hair. Now imagine you do this every day and think of the amount of hair you will lose!

Tip: Have a fine and a wide comb and use them each at the right moment.

6. Try Making Your Own Hair Mask

The ingredients are right in your nose, but you may not have known that they could be useful for your hair. Things like avocados, aloe vera and carrot actually make amazing hair masks.

  • Carrot Juice
    For carrots, use a juicer to extract its juice. Let the juice cool in a fridge for around half an hour, then apply to your hair. The juice has Beta Carotene that has been known to reduce hair loss by strengthening hair
  • Aloe Vera
    In this case, just extract fresh juice from aloe vera, then apply to your hair and let it stay for about an hour before washing off.
  • Avocado
    Making an avocado hair treatment product is quite easy. Take a ripe avocado and mix with an egg yolk and apply to clean hair.

Now I am sure you have an idea of how you can fight hair loss with simple solutions rather than just rushing for expensive products! Remember to go for natural options first whenever looking for solutions for hair loss.

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