5 Strange Yet Amazing Ways You Utilize Your Deodorant

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Ways You can Utilize Your Deodorant

Talk of strange things that you never think of and I bet you have never imagined that a deodorant could be adopted for functions other than just giving you a fresh scent.

If you are one of those who never thought outside the box, then sit back and take notes as we take a look at some of the great uses you can find for your favorite deodorants.

1. Ease Bug and Mosquito Bites

Most deodorants have aluminum components among their key ingredients. These salts are quite effective in soothing pain, not to mention that they help reduce swelling resulting from such bites.

2. Sooth a Blister

If you are that type of person who suffers from frequent blisters, probably in your feet or hands, then perhaps you should try applying a deodorant to reduce friction. Say you experience some friction between your feet and shoes, then all you need to do is create a smooth barrier between your shoes and feet. Ideally, clear deodorants are best suited for this purpose.

3. Reduce Incidences of Stinky Feet

If you have been trying to find a route towards curbing stinky foot, then this is surely the cheapest option you may have in the market. You only need to clean your feet and apply the deodorant before going to bed. This way, you will reduce the chances of you sweating during the day and save you the embarrassment of having stinking feet!

4. Eliminate Pimples and that Shiny Look in Your face

Deodorants are quite effective in reducing pimples, although some dermatologists might disagree. Anyway, if you have a stubborn pimple, try applying some deodorant and it will soon disappear! If you have a shiny face, then try applying dabs under your eyes and around the face just before you do some make up.

5. Use it as an antiperspirant and to Freshen up Your Closet

Sweating is a natural and very normal but it can be a bit of headache if it becomes too much. Deodorant will work very effectively when applied in places where one sweats a lot, for example, being under the armpits and along hairlines in the facial region. You can also employ a deodorant to add some special scent in the closet. Just uncap the deodorant, place it somewhere in that closet and you are good to go!

These are just some of the cool things you can do with such a simple product. It is always good to experiment with such products. However, never go for risky experiments lest you land yourself in trouble!

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