For many people, apps have become part of life, even without realizing many people use apps nearly every day for a plethora of reasons, from listening to music on the go to play games and automating their homes.

Apps are extremely useful, but can they go beyond being useful, can they actually help you to manage your life, saving you time, increasing productivity and making life generally less stressful.

We will look at several apps that claim that’s exactly what they do. If you like the sound of these apps simply search your app marketplace or click the link provided to find out more from the developers.

1. HeadspaceReduce stress and anxiety, meditation made easy.

With the tagline ‘Treat your head right’ headspace is an app that is specifically designed to look after your psychological well-being. Headspace introduces the practice of mindfulness meditation which you might think is not a particularly easy subject to introduce, that is the beauty of the headspace app as it walks you through exactly what to do while explaining why it is beneficial.

Shown to be beneficial for stress, creativity, focus, and anxiety the app starts off with a 10-day free trial so you can learn the basics and see if it’s for you.

2. WakieMakes waking up easy!

If like many people you aren’t much of a morning person and you struggle to get out of bed on a morning then imagine the following scenario, every morning instead of being woken by an alarm clock an absolute random stranger will call you at a time of your choosing and will and have a chat with you! If you think this sounds a little odd well that’s because it is.

The creator of the app who struggled to wake up on a morning realized that when he had a phone call straight after waking, he would come around a lot quicker. Or if you don’t fancy being woken by a random stranger then you can instead BE the random stranger and ring someone else up and be the waker-uper.

3. Focus BoosterSend your productivity into overdrive.

Getting things done’ can be very difficult in these techno-centric times; constant updates from different platforms can ruin your productivity. Focus booster is a simple solution that will increase your productivity by implementing the Pomodoro technique.

The Pomodoro Technique has been around a while and simply stipulates breaking work down in 25 minutes intervals followed by breaks. A focus booster is simply a digital version that implements the technique with a few other cool features to keep you focused and give your productivity a boost.

4. LastPassOnly remember one password ever again!

If you aren’t using LastPass then get it now! The time you spend trying to remember passwords seriously adds up over the year. LastPass is an award-winning password manager that simply and securely stores ALL of your passwords so that you don’t have to.

It allows you to use those super complicated passwords that look like someone passed out on the keyboard without actually having to be a member of Mensa. It uses some serious encryption technology so you don’t need to worry about your passwords going missing.

5. MindNodeVisually represent your ideas for clearer thinking.

MindNode is useful in so many different situations. It allows you to ‘mind map’ – the form of brainstorming that enables you to create a visual representation of your ideas in a large and colorful ‘web’.

Simply enter your goal or project title in the center of the mind map and create notes and comments around it in order to intuitively organize your thoughts and increase creativity through increased clarity and focus.

MindNode has already won several awards and is definitely worth a try for your next project.

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