Are you that type of a person who has gotten stuck with fried food?

You are not alone, as many people are finding it pretty tough to ditch fried foods for better options amidst the buzz created by escalating cases of obesity in society.

Here, we look at ways you can make fried food healthier for better health results.

1. Try Using Olive Oil

Oil manufacturing companies have taken advantage of people’s love for fried food by producing cheap but usually low-quality oil products to consumers. Frequently, we fall into the trap of going for quantity instead of quality, but this should not be the case with cooking oil.

For a healthy lifestyle, what you eat should not be something that you just experiment with; that’s why it is recommended you use olive oil when cooking. Olive oil is known to have a long-lasting quality compared to other types of oil like sunflower oil, soya bean oil and corn oil – a feature associated with its stability even at higher temperatures.

2. Always Maintain High Standards of Oil Cleanliness

It is always advisable to keep our oil clean – whichever the type of oil you go for. The best way to keep your oil clean is to ensure that you keep it debris free all the time. Such standards of cleanliness are important not only for aesthetic purposes but also for nutritional factors.

This is to imply that keeping oil clean will guarantee effective utilization of its nutrients whilst not depleting the nutrients by recycling.

3. Go for High Quality, Gluten Free Batter for Food Preparation

It is common to find people using all-purpose flour to prepare batter to be used for food preparation. This is something that is not advisable if you are looking to cut the amount of oil in your fries. All-purpose flour contains gluten that absorbs lots of oil in the process increasing the amount of fat you are bound to consume.

Talking of high-quality batter and one other important tactic you might adopt is the use of carbonated liquids or baking soda in batter preparation. Such liquids will also reduce oil absorption rates when cooking.

4. Oil Temperature Management

What you may not know is that the temperature you fry your food in should be maintained at a certain levelif possible.

This can be supported by factual experiments that have found that most oil should be kept in between 325°F-400° for healthy cooking. It is vital to cook at the desired temperature to ensure that whatever you are cooking does not stay long being cooked and absorbing oil in the process.

Always keep in mind that when it comes to eating fried food you should know exactly what to avoid if you are seeking to strike a balance between what’s healthy and not healthy!


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