December is nearing its end, and the Christmas craze has passed, along with the start of wondering what one’s New Year’s resolutions might be.

Each year, we hear that countdown and promise ourselves that this year will be different than the last, that we shall do things, see people, go places, be different, be spectacular, be unique, and ultimately make a change in the life that for a year, maybe more, has weighed down on our chest.

But how often do we actually go through with them?

I think we all know the answer, I myself have neglected New Year’s resolutions many, many times.

It might be that our resolutions are too vague, or too ambitious; “Be better, be different”, and so on…this is the end goal. What are the steps you want to follow to that end goal?

Here are 10 small things that you could do to completely change your life over the course of one year, if you do them systematically and consecutively.

1. Make lists of books and movies you want to see

And slowly begin to cross them out. We always have this one book we want to read or this one movie we want to see, but we put it off until we forget about it. Why not make lists and try to follow them through?

There is a great sense of satisfaction with every single thing that gets crossed out.

2. Take up a hobby

I don’t care if anyone ever made fun of it, or of you, for liking your hobby; you shouldn’t either. It is your hobby, and the thing that makes you happy, and strictly your own business. Anyone else can just stick it.

Trust me, a hobby is a great way to blow off steam and help you recharge. You may think you don’t need it, but you do.

3. Arrange your sleeping schedule

Well, you don’t have to be military strict about it. But arranging your own sleeping schedule and sticking to it as best as you can will definitely help you out in the long run. You won’t feel drained or out of sorts, for one.

It’ll become easier for you to wake up early and regulate your internal clock. And you’ll see that having fixed sleeping hours is a great start for the next step, which is:

4. Try to manage your time optimally

The reason why is obvious. In a world that never stops running and everyone is jam-packing their free time, a sensible person might want to learn how to manage their precious time well.

It’ll give you more free time, a structure to your days, and a clearer mind. If you don’t have to scramble for the time at the last minute and have things under control and planned, you instantly clean out your mind for improvement and cultivation.

5. Learn to assess and filter your relationships

Another issue that can clutter one’s mind is trouble over social relationships.

Our age requires us to be sociable, well-liked, and all-around popular. What they never tell you is that this person is rare, and people hurt each other constantly, and about 80% of the people you meet are going to be toxic to you in one way or another.

You need to learn how to recognize toxic situations and get out while you can. I will leave the determination of what constitutes a toxic relationship up to you and your common sense.

6. Have a balanced diet

No, I am not saying you are fat. No, I don’t mean to go vegan or vegetarian. “Balanced” just doesn’t mean boxes and boxes of junk food piling up on your kitchen counter. Thankfully, this past couple of years a trend has been rising from adoring junk food to adoring good food, and that is what a balanced diet means.

Eat good food, try new recipes, fruits, vegetables, meat, make sure you get all the nutrients you need. Fill your body with nice, tasty things, and your body will reward you.

7. Try to exercise a little

Step 2 to the “Be kind to your body” project. Again, this has very little to do with how you are outwardly, than with how you feel inwardly. Exercise helps produce happy hormones. Exercise helps you blow off steam.

Exercise boosts your confidence and sense of accomplishment. Exercise is good for your health. Even walking can prevent cardiovascular problems, so try and do a lil’ something 2-3 times per week. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, you just have to be moving.

8. Meditation

10 minutes a day. Need I say more?

9. Save up for a trip

And generally, make sure you can handle your finances. Travelling is one wish that almost everyone has, and the one thing you will never regret. Experiences are what remain in you when all else is gone.

10. Love yourself

Be kind to yourself. You’ve made it through yet another year, and that is amazing. Some people just cannot do that, and you have pushed through. Remain gentle, loving and caring. Forgive, and most of all forgive yourself.

If you believe you want to change your life for the better, then the right time is now. Start moving towards your life goals today.

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