Clever Traveling T-Shirt Helps You Communicate Around the World Without Speaking Foreign Languages

///Clever Traveling T-Shirt Helps You Communicate Around the World Without Speaking Foreign Languages

Clever Traveling T-Shirt

This clever icon traveling T-shirt lets you easily communicate wherever you are in the world, even if you don’t speak foreign languages!

When you travel the world, as much as you would like to, it’s impossible to learn every language of every country you visit. You can take guide books with you and practice on the plane, but when you actually arrive in the country and have to start speaking to people everything you thought you knew goes out the window.

The chances are you will be able to say hello, goodbye and thank you. But what about everything else? There are so many things you need to ask daily when you travel. And what’s more, it’s never nice to be incommunicado, travel is all about connecting with others as much as it is about seeing the world.

Trying to communicate what you want and need in countries where you don’t speak the language can be frustrating. Some people attempt to explain what they mean by using their hands and even arms, but that often only makes things more confusing. You will know if you have ever played charades… It doesn’t work!

Clever Traveling T-Shirt Helps You Communicate

Thankfully, your worries are over. Three friends, George, Steven, and Florian, have created this clever icon traveling T-shirt to help you communicate wherever you are in the world!

Named “IconSpeak”, the shirt has 40 icons in rows featuring everything you could need to ask or want to find out, including bedding, bathrooms, transport, food, and even emotions. Instead of trying to recreate what you mean in a charades-like manner, this ingenious traveling t-shirt allows you to point to what you mean or how you feel. You can even ask how spicy the food is using the shirt or where the Wi-Fi is!

2 Clever Traveling T-Shirt

Not only this, but it’s also an awesome ice breaker! So instead of shying away from connecting with a new person who doesn’t speak your language, you can go for it! You’ve nothing to lose, and who knows it may even eventually lead to you actually learning the words for each of those icons.

Just make sure you invest in a couple of shirts for longer trips, otherwise, you may end up wearing the same one every day!

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