This Is Your Grocery Store After All The Bees Die

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Your Grocery Store After All The Bees Die

What will happen if all bees die?

In case you were ever wondering just how important bees are to human life, or if all the hoopla is just that, I would like you to take a look at the images below.

If you plan on eating fruits, vegetables, dairy, chocolate or just about anything else in the future, you better start caring about the bees.

Bees pollinate more than 100 types of crops in the US! Take a look at what your favorite grocery store would look like if all the bees were to die off:

grocery store - bee dies

I know this is old news (it was out last year sometime) but it was recently reintroduced so I figured I would mention it here again. Those pictures are from Whole Foods. If you want to help at home, here’s what they suggest:

Plant Flowers. Grow a mix of native flowers with different colors, shapes and bloom times. Blooming herbs, fruits and vegetables are good choices too!

Make Space. Preserve some brush piles and bare patches of soil to help native bees dig nests.

Go Organic. To help promote healthy ecosystems, choose organic foods for your table and organic seeds and seedlings for your garden.



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