Chocolate Pudding fruit

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, this chocolate tasting fruit comes along.

Can life get any sweeter than this?

The Black Sapote is a real, delicious fruit native to eastern Mexico and Central America.

Anyone who has tried this fruit will tell you that it really does taste like chocolate pudding and even has the same consistency too!

In fact, it tastes so much like chocolate pudding, people refer to it as “the chocolate pudding fruit.” It can be enjoyed raw or baked into something as a chocolate substitute.

Not only do they taste great but they’re also a much healthier alternative than regular chocolate. The Black Sapote is low in fat and high in vitamin C.

Behold the Black Sapote, a.k.a “the Chocolate Pudding Fruit”

Chocolate Pudding fruit

Doesn’t This Look Simply Delicious?

Chocolate Pudding fruit

Check out this video with some tips about using the Black Sapote from a cultivator in Australia.

 You Can Always Just Eat It Raw 🙂

 Eat It Raw


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