How to Prevent Lower Back Pain and Maintain Good Posture While at Work

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Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of work absence in the UK. There are almost 31 million working days lost every year due to back, neck, and muscle related problems. According to the National Health Service (NHS), 80 percent of the British population will suffer with back pain at some point

7 Signs You’re Achieving Someone Else’s Life Goals

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People can look at ways they are achieving some else’s life goals. For certain periods in a person’s life and career, they can feel that they are achieving other people’s goals more so than their own. They can discover that what they are accomplishing is not producing the feelings they expected. They can seek ways

8 Challenges Only Female Entrepreneurs Can Relate to (and How to Beat Them)

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Women are starting new businesses in record numbers, and they are facing unique challenges caused by social expectations placed upon women. Here are eight challenges unique to female entrepreneurs, and how to handle them. 1. Fewer Role Models Role models are critical for personal and professional development. Entrepreneurs look to those that have gone before

6 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Modern life comes with many aggravations. People often feel like they have too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it. You probably face many situations where a deadline approaches too quickly or you forget to do something important. The best way to avoid such misfortune in the future is

Try These Simple Desk Stretches to Neutralize the Negative Effects of Sitting

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If your job keeps you sitting for long hours, then it’s time you tried these desk stretches to neutralize the adverse health effects of sedentary lifestyle. Did you know that sitting for long hours may increase the risk of getting heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and even cause early deaths? This is especially a problem for

8 Signs That You Were Born to Travel the World

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Not everyone wants to travel the world. We all know that. Some people prefer the comforts of home and to dabble in travel every once in a while in the form of a two-week holiday. While others prefer the long-term exploration, almost like seeing the world was their destiny. And maybe it was... Here's eight signs

This Socialist Utopia Town Has Full Employment, Free Housing, Few Police and No Crime

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Andalusia is a beautiful province in Spain. It's calm, picturesque, and filled with greenery, wheat fields, and acres of olive trees, like many areas in southern Europe, home of the Mediterranean people, as Italians, Spaniards and Greeks are often called. But these regions, and especially Andalusia, located on the far south of Spain, have had

10 Reasons for Freelancers to Organize a Home Workplace – Infographic

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Working freelance, you notice the importance of being a good worker. In short, freelance workers need to know how to deal with high competitiveness, part-time workflow, and time management. Another thing they should focus on is a workplace. Unfortunately, more often than not, freelancers don't pay attention to its organization. Let's face it: Once you

How to Reduce Your Stress Levels by 40% With This Simple Technique

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Work can be the reason for stress in many people's lives. From the stress of meeting deadlines to holding important meetings, the workplace is one of the most common places people experience stress. In fact, 80 percent of workers feel stress at their job, and almost half are keen to learn how to manage their

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