Here Is What Giving up Sugar Does to Your Body (but It Is Worth It)

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Have you ever been in the process of giving up sugar? I have fond memories of helping my mother bake. I would sit at her side and help mix the ingredients, and even share the empty icing bowl with my brothers as most children do. We always had cold sugary pop in the fridge and a sweet treat for after dinner. So looking back, it's not a surprise when I

Here Is What Drinking Soda Does to Your Body, According to a 10-Year Study

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Are you drinking soda daily? Several studies suggest that you should stop Now! Soft drinks, with refreshing, sugared flavors, are a popular beverage of choice, especially in countries with warm climates. They may be thirst-quenching but put drinkers at the risk of obesity-related diseases. Any information released by the acclaimed research institutions deserves attention. A decade-long study conducted by their top-notch researchers reveals telling information about a weight-loss drink you

4 Major Health Recommendations That Do More Harm Than Good

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There are some health recommendations we are actually doing wrong. We live in a society where concerns over health are a priority for many people. However, despite this intense focus on optimal wellness, as a society, we are getting sicker and sicker. Case in point: since 1980, worldwide obesity has doubled, and 39% of all those over 18 are now obese. If this wasn't enough, a similar pattern emerges with

Like Frappuccino? After Reading This, You Will Probably Never Drink It Again

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Are you used to drinking frappuccino? Sugar seems to be in everything these days. And it makes sense for companies to add it to their products. It's addictive. It tastes good. But just how much damage do our sugary vices do? The answer is more than you think – especially paired with coffee on a hot summer day. I do admit, I can have a weakness for the odd frappuccino

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar for 10 Days

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If you stop eating sugar for a couple of days your body will have some amazing benefits. It may not surprise you to hear that sugar is bad for you. We know, or at least we have been told, that it causes us numerous health issues if we continue to eat it and yet so many people do not stop. The results of eating too much sugar can be dire,

Do This 3-Day Sugar Detox for Weight Loss and a Better Health

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This 3-day sugar detox will help your body get rid of excess sugar and become less dependent of it. Like it sweet? Most of us do! However, sweet does not mean good… tasty and pleasant, yet very dangerous: the sugar addiction has become a severe health issue all over the world, leading to different health issues. Sugar is often the root cause of the obesity epidemic and most of the

Early Diabetes Symptoms You Probably Didn’t Know about But Should

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Diabetes symptoms can be detected early enough to make sure you go to the doctor before the situation gets serious. Are you worried that you, your child or someone you know, may have diabetes? Most early diabetes symptoms are from higher-than-normal levels of glucose, a kind of sugar, in your blood. It is very important for everyone to know these signs so you can catch the disease at an early

Tequila Plant Sweetener Could Help Diabetics Control Blood Sugar and Lose Weight

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Are you a diabetic or want to lose weight? A natural sugar from the tequila plant, called Agavin, might help you. According to a new research presented at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting, a sugar from the tequila plant might actually help diabetics. How is this even possible, you may rightfully ask. Well, the sweetener in question comes from the agave plant (the same plant that is used to

Here Is How to Curb Your Sugar Addiction Today

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Sugar is part of a vicious cycle. The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you want. It can take weeks to recover from a refined sugar addiction, but it is vital that you stop yours today. Especially since recent studies have shown that eating an excessive amount of refined sugar can speed up your body's ageing process. And who wants that? We have the answer to quitting and getting

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