Why is Life so Unfair and What can we do About it?

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If you ask me : Why is life so unfair? I will tell you simply to look to living nature to understand the nature of life. In all things, we must first be honest with ourselves. When a pack of hyenas ambushes its prey and starts eating the poor animal while it is still conscious, this is nature at work - and we recognize it as such. Nature is a striving

How Listening To People’s Stories Changed My Life

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On September 22nd, 2013, 9:17 of a sunny and crisp Sunday morning, my father died. The heart attack was not entirely unexpected, but sudden nonetheless. This incident changed my life forever. I was away from home, studying in another city. The last time I had spoken to my father was 5 days before, and we had talked about the weather. I got through it well enough. There was pain and guilt

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