The Impressive Benefits of Cannabis on Physical and Spiritual Health

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If we had to make a complete list of the uses and benefits of cannabis, that would have to be a huge one. Below we will explore just a few of the physical and spiritual advantages that cannabis has to offer. Cannabis contains several hundred compounds called cannabinoids and each one holds different properties. What is more impressive is that the human nervous system has special receptors for them (called

Which Spiritual Gift is Your Strongest?

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There are four Spiritual Gifts or senses and we often all have one that is strongest…. Do you know when something is wrong even before you hear about it? Are you able to detect when the people around you are feeling upset or lying? Do you get feelings or sensations that you should or shouldn’t do something? This is your intuition and believe it or not, we are all born

100 Benefits of Meditation

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There are many advantages to meditation. Meditation is a powerful practice – whether in a spiritual or neutral context. The list here is a summery of most benefits. There are many forms of meditation, ranging from contemplative prayer to Buddhist Zen meditation. All have their value for what they try to accomplish. The list below shows mostly positive side effects of meditation, but does not necessarily constitute the sole purpose

9 Spiritual Principles To Make You More Creative

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Creativity, like any other skill, can be nourished. It's important to remember, though, that it takes time and dedication to tap into your inner wellspring of natural creative ability. With that in mind, here are nine spiritual tips that help you tap into your highest creative self, and tune out negativity and distractions – no matter what your creative endeavor is. 1. Know that ego will only take you so

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