How to Make Flavored Water at Home – Tastier Than Plain Water, Healthier Than Soda!

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Have you ever tried to make flavored water at home? Water doesn’t have a taste but ironically, it happens to be the answer to many health problems and the reason why the universe is still surviving. Sugary liquids is not an option to substitute water but most people tend to drink tea, soda, coffee and other drinks in the hope of replacing water but unfortunately, they can’t. The good news

4 Incredible Turmeric Tea and Tonic Recipes You Should Try

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It can be difficult to imagine how you can consume turmeric, the wonder spice, on a daily basis. Its rich flavor, associated with Indian curries and foods, can be overpowering unless you know how to use it properly. Considered holy and auspicious in India for millennia, turmeric is not only a sacred spice it also has proven health benefits. Part of the ginger family, turmeric is used in Indian cooking

Check Out This Anti-Inflammatory Tea That Cures Up to 50 Diseases!

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At times, we need to go back to the traditional way of doing things albeit with an intention of solving a problem. Talk of turmeric and you think of a spice that has been around since the ancient times, particularly in India. The spice has a huge reputation in many parts of the world owing to its proven health benefits. The spice has been known to prevent the development of

6 Spices That Turn Regular Water Into Food Elixir

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A glass of regular water is the best beverage for your organism. But, it can be more beneficial if you add spices with healing properties into it. This way you will get healthy drink which will improve your digestion and it will cleanse your whole organism. You can prepare and consume this powerful drink during the day. Freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice Both lemon and lime are excellent sources

Turmeric: Versatile Spice With an Added Health Bonus

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One of India’s most important spices, turmeric can do as much for your health as it can for your taste buds. Here are some ideas for ways in which this bright yellow spice can pep up all kinds of humdrum dishes while bringing you some very significant health benefits at the same time. An underrated additive You probably think turmeric, a pivotal spice in Indian cooking, is not something you

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