3-Ingredient Celery Juice Recipe to Detox Your Kidneys, Heal Your Joints and Protect Your Heart

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How about detoxing your kidneys, strengthening your heart and looking after your joints at the same time? Celery juice can do just that. Celery is a fantastic superfood (even though not the most obvious one) and provides incredible health benefits to your entire body. Moreover, celery has anti-cancer properties, which not only prevent cancer but may also help to stop the growth of tumor cells. So, if you are not a

Drink This Cancer Killer Juice Every Day on an Empty Stomach and See Its Wonderful Effect!

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You probably already know that everything you consume affects your health. Whether it be a cup of tea or a giant hamburger, whatever you put in your body has an effect on your body. That's why it is vital that you understand exactly what is in your food before you consume, and, moreover, the vital differences between acidic and alkaline foods. An acidic environment in your body is like a

This Delicious Turmeric Smoothie Has One of the Most Powerful Antioxidants in the World

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People often drink nutrient-rich smoothies as a substitute for meals when they are dieting or trying to lose weight. It's a great way to get your daily vitamins and nutrients, and with this recipe you can now get even more goodness in just one drink. The great thing about smoothies is that once you have your ingredients they are super easy to put together – all you need is a

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