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5 Steps to Finding Faith on the Path to Self-Improvement

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Finding faith to cope with the stress you feel in your life is not always easy. However, finding resources and outlets for it is more important than ever, especially because stress affects both the mind and body. It can also lead to a number of emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression, and it may

13 Surprisingly Profound Winnie the Pooh Quotes to Teach You Important Life Lessons

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Did you know that there is a surprisingly large amount of wisdom that can be picked from children’s literature, television shows, and films? Well, sometimes as adults we need to revisit or try out such stuff not only for leisure but to perhaps pick some life lessons. Novels such as Winnie The Pooh, written by

7 Really Easy Ways to Bring Positive Vibes into Your Life

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Once you release the negatives, your body and soul become receptive to positive vibes. Find out how to bring good energy into your life. Sometimes the aura around someone is so overwhelming, that a heaviness hovers in the room. This swirling black mass of invisible energy drains the very life force from those it frequents,

Top 5 Natural Ways to Handle Stress

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Stress is an epidemic that everyone succumbs to in life at least once. When you come under stress, your body sets off an alarm as if it is in danger, triggering a flight or fight response. Handling stress is essential to enjoying your life in a smooth way, without physical, physiological, and psychological obstacles. There

10 Easy Tips To Master The Law of Attraction

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The rich will become richer and the poor, the poorer. Why does this happen? The answer is simple – the law of attraction. You attract what you think. The concept of the law of attraction has been in existence ever since time unknown with pioneers like Newton and Einstein underlining its importance. However, it was with

5 Life Secrets Travelers Know (But Don’t Talk about)

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Almost everyone dreams of taking off and traveling the world with nothing but a backpack, a credit card and a lot of nerve. Experiencing other cultures, seeing parts of the world we never thought possible and meeting so many different people along the way – traveling is a dream many of us don’t get to

7 Life Lessons to Learn on a Daily Basis‏

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There are so many life lessons that we learn on a daily basis. These lessons can be learned from various sources so it’s good to consider different events. This enables us to have a perspective from which to factually look at situations and how they can help us in improving our lives. 1. Learn to

Improve Your Morning Routine in 5 Ways

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Admit it, morning is the most subject to the routine. Is your routine working to put you in a better mindset for the day, or is it dragging you down? Sometimes, we set ourselves up for a rough day without even realizing it. We have compiled five simple tips on how to improve your morning

The Crucial Importance of Positive Thinking

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According to a British-German scientific research, negative thoughts are able to suspend the effectiveness of even the most powerful analgesics, as they don’t expect to reduce pain. In contrast, there was twice the physical or biochemical efficacy for medications combined with positive thoughts on the part of patients. In addition, psychology studies have shown that

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