3 Steps to Preventing Zika Virus Infection during Trips Abroad

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These tips will help you to prevent Zika virus infection, which began to spread to all the warm countries. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently issued a warning to pregnant women traveling to about 30 countries where there is a high risk of infection by the Zika Virus. This is because Zika virus has been directly linked with the birth of babies having microcephaly. Zika virus can also cause

How to Make a Yarrow Insect Repellent-Better than DEET

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It’s that time of the year where you will find yourself fighting bug bites and naturally you will be on the hunt for insect repellent. The most conventional sprays that many of us go for has a chemical known as DEET-which has been found to have health effects on users. They have been found to have detrimental effects, particularly on children with some even developing seizures.  According to a paper

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