How to Get Rid of Migraine in 5 Minutes with This Simple Homemade Drink

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Are you looking for a way to get rid of migraine naturally, easily and fast? This homemade drink will help you out! Salt is one of the essential minerals for the human body. Even though you have probably heard how unhealthy is the overconsumption of salt, we have to remember the fact that Remember Your Dreams Full 1-2. Without salt, the body becomes biochemically unbalanced and therefore subject to diseases. The nervous system, muscles, and other body parts with insufficient salt intake simply become weak


The Emotions That Might Be Hiding Behind Your Headaches and Migraines

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Headaches and migraines are a daily battle for some people. Not only is it difficult suffering from the pain that these conditions cause, it's also frustrating when you can't find a solution to the problem. Not many people know that the root cause of head pain is actually inside your head, in your consciousness. It could be depression or any other kind of emotional stress causing the pain, and so using painkillers and other drugs for this pain won't help get to the bottom of


What Is the Difference between a Headache and a Migraine and How to Prevent Both?

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There is a basic difference between a headache and a migraine. Almost all of us experience a headache from time to time, which is a normal thing and can be caused by various relatively harmless and understandable things, such as tiredness or an extra glass of wine the night before. When you are experiencing pressure or pain in your head, it can be difficult to tell whether you are experiencing a typical headache or a migraine. Headaches are those unpleasant pains in your head that


How to Naturally Stimulate Vagus Nerve to Stop Migraines, Inflammation and Depression!

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You may have already heard of the vagus nerve in one of your school biology lessons. It's the longest nerve in your body and is found right behind where you feel for your pulse. One of 12 cranial nerves, this super nerve starts in the brainstem and runs all the way to your abdomen, cutting through your heart, esophagus and your lungs. Known as “cranial nerve X”, the nerve is part of your involuntary nervous system, the system that directs your unconscious body activity, such