What Is the Key to a Long and Happy Life?

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Would you Like to Know the Key to a Long and Happy Life? Let's Take a Look at the Lifestyle of Supercentenarians Supercentenarians are enigmatic in our society. Cigar swilling grandmas chock-full of pasta, bacon, and alcohol represent the dream of living forever. They promise a life without worry about health or slowing down or an early death. We will try to emulate their diets or exercise habits as each

This Fungus Known As “The Mushroom Of Immortality” Has the Highest Level of Anti-Oxidants in the World

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In the event that we find the answer to immortality, could we harness its powers and really learn to live forever? Maybe it would be as simple as making a cup of tea! There have been many herbs, plants, and foods that have been used to brew longer life span concoctions. Recipes from ancient times until now have listed hundreds of ingredients that supposedly formulate the elixir of youth. Unfortunately,

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