10 Must-Have Items for Camping and Outdoor Activities

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Do you need to escape in nature and don't know which items for camping to have with? We've created a list for you. Initially camping trips used to simple and viewed as a primitive adventure but these days it is no longer the case. Thanks to the evolution in technology you are in of an

Hexo+ : A Fantastic Autonomous Flying Camera

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Xavier de Le Rue, a world-renowned snowboarder and co-founder of Hexo+, designed this drone. Hexo+ can track you autonomously and ensure you are in shot. You can choose the angle you that you wanted to be captured from close up, medium shot, front, side or above. This innovative flying camera has been designed in a user-friendly

This Revolutionary Throw-and-Shoot Camera Drone Will Capture You While Flying Behind You

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It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's a camera drone. Meet Lily, the newest tech gadget to combine two rising trends and bring them together in a revolutionary new creation. Lily can fly, follow the user around, and record them. Its difference from most drone gadgets is that it doesn't require manual

This Robot Chef That Can Cook 2,000 Meals Will Be Available In 2017

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What if you were told that in about two years, you could have a robot chef cooking for you? You would probably imagine a droid looking machine with a little chef hat on its head. That's not quite what Moley Robotics, the company who is developing this new technological leap, has accomplished. Moley Robotics

7 Green Technology Innovations That Will Blow your Mind!

By | March 12th, 2015|Tags: , |

Green technology is taking a new route in the world of technology. Enthusiastic researchers explore it across the globe to come up with new designs. They have come up with devices that do not require electricity to power them up! Amazing right? These innovations range from using magnetic fields to using photo luminescent stuffs. Here

13 Sci-Fi Gadgets You Won’t Believe Already Exist

By | June 10th, 2014|Tags: , , |

When will the real world catch up to some of the science fiction novels of our youth? Space-age inventions and innovations have been a staple of futuristic entertainment since before The Jetsons. Flying cars and robot maids are still a ways off, but it might surprise you to learn that some of high-tech toys and tools

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