10 Signs You Are Bearing Your Mother’s Insecurities (and How to Get Rid of Them)

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You feel insignificant, unwanted and incompetent. You struggle with self-doubt and are not sure what its source is. And yet, you have grown so accustomed to these emotions that you cannot imagine living in another, better way. Many daughters encounter such maelstroms, thanks to the negative relationships they have with their mothers. You may have

What to Do When You Are Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

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Are you feeling lonely in your relationship? Most people believe that once you’re in a serious relationship, you will never feel lonely again. How could you possibly feel alone when you’ve got someone on your side loving, supporting and motivating you? However, if you’re feeling lonely in a relationship, you’re not alone. Every couple at

7 Struggles Only Unemotional Women Will Understand

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Is there something wrong with unemotional women? A lot of unemotional people (especially unemotional women) go through life wondering why they are not more sensitive, emotional and  don’t feel as much as they ‘should’,  but for some this is totally normal. It isn’t strange or a sign of not being well-adjusted — it is simply

11 Difficulties Intuitive People Often Face

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We’ve heard the terms many times – intuition or intuitive people. When we do hear them, we usually think of feelings about things that come from the gut without much rational thought process involved. This is actually a pretty good description. Myers-Briggs Description Years ago, Isabel Myers and her daughter took the work of Carl

Why You Need to Take Full Responsibility for Your Relationships

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If you want to have healthy and happy relationships, you need to take full responsibility. Think about one relationship you are unhappy with. This might be your family member, a friend, a colleague or a neighbor. A lot of scientific research suggests that even the most passionate relationship tends to follow a downward pattern over

7 Simple Pleasures That Will Make Your Life Brighter

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Put some small sparks in your day by adding some simple pleasures to your life. We all have goals. We know what we want to accomplish by the end of the month, by the end of the year, and perhaps even five years from now. We work hard and enjoy some big pleasures – a

5 Ways to Know You Have Met Your Twin Flame

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Sometimes a person will come into your life and you instantly feel a deep connection with them. You’re comfortable with them from the moment you meet and you have the same thoughts, opinions, and feelings about everything – this is your twin flame. If you’ve met your twin flame already, chances are you will identify

15 Uncomfortable Feelings That Indicate You Are on the Right Track 

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Changing and evolving are difficult things to do. In fact, they are so difficult that doing so or even planning to do so can drum up all types of feelings that aren't very pleasant at all. Unfortunately, many people interpret these uncomfortable feelings as signs that they shouldn't proceed. So, they stop and so does the

4 Thought Patterns That Hinder Your Relationship

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As we try to build relationships to be the best they can be, we often let ourselves dwell on negative thoughts that will hinder your relationship over time. While many think that these fears are just passing thoughts, for some they are just moments of doubt. However, for many more, there is a fear that

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