Signs of Emotional Overeating and What to Do to Stop It

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Emotional overeating is craving for food when you have to deal with negative emotions. Did you ever ask yourself why you indulge in a lot of food after a bad day? Definitely, it’s a way of distraction from the problem that concerns. The problem which is created is double. First, the relief is only temporary. Second, we consumed an excessive amount of calories from a non-quality source of food. If you recognize yourself in this behavior then you are an emotional eater. But what is


Why Your Great Grandparents Were Healthier Than You

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The generation of our great grandparents had more simple and healthy lifestyle. Lately, I keep thinking of my great-grandmother, and how many of family have some kind of diabetes – but she didn't. She was fit and able until the day she passed – And I wonder why. Why aren't the younger members of the family as healthy as she was? According to this Huffington Post article, there are 5 main reasons, with the first being dieting. Now, diet fads are a dime a dozen,


Want to Get a Six Pack? Here’s What You Should Know

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If you want to get a six pack, this article will help you learn what are the most important things in order to achieve it. We all know that working out is crucial to getting those six packs to show. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Gearing all your focus and efforts on exercise alone won’t do you much good. There are a number of factors that actually tie in when it comes to getting that ripped torso everyone craves. Research


What Happens When You Eat Breakfast One Hour After Waking

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You might think you eat breakfast at the right time, but waiting until you get to work to eat your breakfast or eating it on the train is too late for your body. It's vital that you eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up for a number of reasons. There may be a number of reasons why you don't manage to fit breakfast into your daily routine, such as rushing off to work or not waking up as hungry as you'd like to


6 Strange But Surprisingly Effective Health Tips

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We all want to stay healthy and the strange thing with health is that even the strangest sounding things are actually the ones recommended by health experts! This article examines some very strange yet very effective health tips you can try out. So, get a paper and take some notes! 1. Drink Coffee Before a Small Nap It might sound strange but a study in Japan found that people who take a cup or two of coffee before taking a 20 minutes nap had the


8 Things You Should Stop Doing Before Bed

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A good night’s sleep is essential to good health, wouldn’t you think? Lying in a warm cozy bed, drifting softly into dreamland-this sounds like heaven. If you can enjoy these aspects of sleeping while improving your quality of life, then it’s a win-win situation. There are, however, a few things you should never do before bed. Avoiding these 8 sleeping mistakes, can greatly improve your health and sometimes even your appearance. 1. Lights on while sleeping A recent medical study showed that sleeping with the


Organic vs Conventional Eating – Infographic

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Thinking about the types of food you consume can make a huge difference in your health and lifestyle. Organic food is not only more nutritious but it can actually save you money in the long run when you factor in healthcare cost over the years. have created this infographic from several recent health articles and authoritative sources to help you eat healthier. There are plenty of reasons to eat organic foods and people seem to be catching on. Organic foods are the fastest growing


Eating Disorders in Men: Causes, Effects and Treatment

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When it comes to anorexia, bulimia and other disorders, we tend to think of them as a female issue. And while it's true that girls and young women are more likely to suffer from eating disorders, men are not immune to these conditions. In fact, males make up as many as 10% of all reported eating disorders, with those numbers rising all the time. And since more and more boys and young men are experiencing the effects of these disorders, it's time to pay closer