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5 Reasons Why the Advice to Do What You Love Doesn’t Work for Everyone

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You have probably heard multiple times the advice to do what you love if you want to reach success. But is it really that simple? Modern society and especially business world were raised on the principle of pursuing something that you share strong feelings about. A lot of entrepreneurs today recall growing up or learning business by watching Steve Jobs saying that he would not choose the path other than

Why Doing What You Love for a Living Is the Key to Success

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Every person has to work to make a living. From having stressful jobs to having a profession that you do not really like or enjoy, sometimes many of us want to just quit our jobs and to do what we love to do. But considering the practicality of choosing that path, it is never easy. Based on the Gallup survey, there are only 32% of the American population who actually love

Why Being a Freelance Writer Is a Great Career and How to Become a Good One

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Freelancing has become a common phenomena and a huge amount of people have taken it as a full-time work. The increase in the amount of freelance writers shows the opportunities that it brings with itself. Though you have the flexibility to work according to your convenience but you cannot compromise on the quality of work. With the increase in writers, the competition rises at the same time. You should be

This Is Why Google Employees Love Their Job

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Google is famous not only for being a multimillion company, creating one of the biggest (if not the biggest) search engines that currently exist on the web, it is also revered and coveted by many other companies for its smart tactics regarding its employees, tactics that have resulted in Google employees giving it the highest ratings year after year. Lots of myth surrounds the work environment at Google. Clear spaces,

5 Things To Expect When You Quit Your Day Job And Follow Your Purpose

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Last year I raised a few eyebrows at my office job. It wasn’t because I had put in my 2-weeks notice to leave (because frankly that was a common occurrence), rather, it was because of my reason. I was leaving and planning to start my own business. Reactions by fellow coworkers included surprise, bewildered looks, a few congratulations, and a lot of “hmmm….okaaaaay.” In retrospect, I guess I didn’t expect anything

How To Start Making Money Doing What You Love

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In my seven years as a corporate banking analyst, I was trying to fit into a box that was totally out of alignment with my values. I always knew there was something deeper within me to share with the world. I longed for connection and meaning. I wanted to be appreciated for exactly who I am. The corporate banking world felt empty. The more I learned to fit into it,

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