5 Reasons You Should Be Hanging Out with People Who Are Different from You

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Hanging out with people who have different perspectives will help you to discover new things and attune to new world views. Tolerance. Many people leave this word out of their vocabulary. Peace would replace the current chaos in the world if they did not. Clashing ideologies add to the global tension, almost daily. People are unable to accept other viewpoints and often try to force their belief systems on others.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Backpacking At Least Once in Your Life

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There are many reasons why backpacking is a great choice for a vacation, but here are the three reasons everybody should try backpacking at least once. Picture this – you’re walking along the coast. A warm breeze ruffles your hair and brings with it the smell of saltwater. You stretch your legs out in front of you, eating up the miles as you trek towards your next adventure with nothing

7 Common Prejudices – Are They Holding You Back?

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The word “prejudice” means “pre-judging,” or, in other words, to form an opinion or a belief without any factual or rational reasoning for it. We normally think of prejudices as directed toward others who are of a different race, religion, or even gender; and we form stereotypical notions about entire groups of people as a result. There are, however, other prejudices too, and these can be just as irrational. The

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