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10 Expressions of Love Introverts Use to Show You You’re the One 

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Introverts are not known for making open expressions of love, or extravagant gestures of any kind. So how do you know when they love you? 1.They share their interests with you One way you know that an introvert loves you is that they begin to discuss the things that interest them with you. Introverts are often reticent about sharing their interests with people, as they usually expect that people won’t really care about the things they care about, and they generally decide it’s not even


4 Reasons Why Strong People Attract Difficult Relationships

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If you believe that good people deserve good things happening in their lives, you may find yourself doubting this sometimes. Truly, so many strong, selfless, and inspiring people sometimes get into all kinds of difficult relationships instead of finding a nice, kind partner. It seems unfair and disappointing, and that’s why many people wonder – why does this happen? Strong people usually overcome various challenges more easily than the others do. They are good in self-developing in working on themselves, but they still need to


7 Reasons Why a Nerdy Guy Will Be One of the Best Relationships You’ve Ever Had

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Would you believe me if I told you that a nerdy guy could be the ideal person to make a relationship? We have all been through the anguish of the dazzling Zac Efron lookalikes, who know exactly how to push our buttons and break our hearts. After my fourth or fifth bout of heartache, I decided it was time to take my mother’s advice and look for ‘a nice boy’. This is when I found the hidden gem of the nerdy guy that most would


5 Hobbies and Habits That Will Make You Smarter

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Do you want to be smarter? Then begin to adopt these hobbies and habits! Smarts don't grow on trees and to get a bit of extra oomph when it comes to your cognitive abilities, it is important to work on them on an everyday basis. Now, I’m not saying that you can drastically increase your level of intelligence even if you work on it diligently for months, but in my opinion, smartness differs from intelligence. Intelligence is your ability to absorb new skills and knowledge


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – 8 Reasons Why You Need to Do It

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Comfort zone is a cozy place – sort of like comfort food. It makes us feel secure, safe, and content. But both have their drawbacks. If we have a regular diet of comfort foods, we are bound to gain weight. If we have a life of staying within our comfort zone, we don’t grow and develop. We settle for the “known” and the predictable, and very little rocks our boats of complacency. The problem with a life within our comfort zone, however, is that as


Feeling Stuck In Life? 11 Lies You Tell Yourself to Avoid Life Changes

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Here you sit, pretty miserable and alone, feeling stuck in life and knowing that you need to make some changes. Your job has gotten beyond stressful; your relationship is on the rocks; you gained back all 40 pounds that you tried so hard to lose; your best friend and confidant has moved away. But you don’t move. Why are you feeling stuck in life? Well, it’s because you are telling yourself some pretty powerful lies about not having what it takes to make those changes.


5 Steps To Becoming Successful

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Becoming successful is not a hard task, all it takes is determination and steadfastness. There is no secret formula; no luck involved. In fact, you can turn your life around right now by taking simple steps that we outline here. One thing to keep in mind is that overnight success stories burnout for a reason, they are incredibly unstable. If you build your success on a firm foundation or your prior accomplishments, you will be stepping high in due time. Become Decisive Have you been


4 Ways To Have An Adventurous Life (Without Going Anywhere!)

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Don’t we all want some form of an adventurous life? This could mean a luxurious hotel in Vegas, new hiking trails somewhere nearby, a dirty hostel in Berlin, the amusement park in the next town over, or even trying a new restaurant. This past weekend, I took a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Nothing ground-breaking happened with the logistics or location, but the trip was majorly ground-breaking for my psyche. Having an adventure shifted my perspective enough to appreciate home, while inspiring


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