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Coca-Cola’s Simply Orange Juice Is Just Not That Simple. Have A Look At This…

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You’d think with a name like Simply Orange that a product would be natural, healthy, and well, simple. Coca-Cola’s Simple Orange is anything but simple. In fact, Bloomberg Business week is calling it a “hyper-engineered and dauntingly industrial product.” While the name implies that the product is nothing but orange juice, it is actually created by a process called The Black Book. That doesn’t sound simple at all… Juice production is

Top 8 Disgusting Facts About Fast Food

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What you know about fast food is probably bad enough. What you don’t know may be even worse. The realities of processed foods are becoming more mainstream. Let us look behind the curtain…be forewarned that some of this stuff is truly nasty. 1. Chicken McNuggets. In actuality, there is a very little chicken in the nuggets.[1] Samples from two fast food chains contained mostly fat, connective tissue, and bones. In

Coca-Cola Invents 16 Crazy Caps to Turn Empty Bottles Into Useful Objects with ‘2nd Lives’

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Rejoice, happy-go-lucky and environmentally conscious Coca-Cola lovers. Thanks to this new "2nd Lives" kit from the brand, you can now transform your empty bottle of Coke into something even more delightful. Is that just an empty bottle? Nope, it's a squirt gun. Useless piece of trash? Nope, it's a pencil sharpener, or the perfect rattle for your baby. Make your children happy. Give them Coca-Cola, and toys made from Coca-Cola.

25 Practical Uses for Coca cola, Proof It Should Not Be In Human Body

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Coca cola is the biggest brand in the history of brands and products and surveys have suggested that it is the most popular world after ‘hello’—now imagine that! If it is the second most popular word in the world then almost everyone in the world must have coca cola on them almost at all times—this is a scary reality because it is a proven fact now that Coca cola is

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