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Getting Over A Breakup Comes In These 5 Stages

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  In the words of prolific sixty's songwriter Neil Sedaka, breaking up is hard to do. Getting over a breakup can seem to take forever. You must have spent countless sleepless nights thinking about the moments you shared since you said goodbye. Forgiving each other for past misgivings is tough. When you see your ex's messages popping up all over your social media feeds, it gets harder. Letting go is

7 Life Lessons From Breaking Up That Hurt, But Are Good For You

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  I’ve had five failed past relationships. One of them was with an abusive girl who’d literally slap my face, and I took it without standing up for myself, thinking, “Oh, it’s just a slap.” Another one was with a girl whom I thought was really nice, but turned out she was lying and cheated on me. Another one straight up, cheated on me and admitted it. I forgave her, and ended

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