Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.

How to Boost Your Physical and Emotional Well-Being with These 5 Tips

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The key to having the highest quality of life will rest in feeling as well as possible. This means taking care of your both your physical and emotional well-being. There are certain things you can do on a daily basis that will allow you to have a more positive outlook and be healthier, as well

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar for 10 Days

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If you stop eating sugar for a couple of days your body will have some amazing benefits. It may not surprise you to hear that sugar is bad for you. We know, or at least we have been told, that it causes us numerous health issues if we continue to eat it and yet so

Here Is How to Curb Your Sugar Addiction Today

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Sugar is part of a vicious cycle. The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you want. It can take weeks to recover from a refined sugar addiction, but it is vital that you stop yours today. Especially since recent studies have shown that eating an excessive amount of refined sugar can speed up your

5 Common Beliefs about Caffeine Debunked

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Caffeine is a bitter substance that is commonly found in teas, colas, chocolate, nuts, certain medicinal drugs and of course, in your favorite coffee. Who doesn't love coffee? If you are a coffee drinker, then you know very well how your body reacts to coffee's active compound - caffeine. But did you know that there

Drugs and Family: Getting over Addiction for Your Kids

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When you think of drugs and family, your thoughts probably instantly go to teenagers with shady friends and rebellious behaviors. The last thing that comes to mind is a mom with a drug problem. If an expectant mother has a drug problem, it's usually discovered by her doctor quickly during prenatal visits. Hopefully, she'll get

Stepping Into Help Loved Ones with Alcohol Problems

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Alcohol is a part of the social fabric of this country. We use it to celebrate triumphs, ease the pain of defeats, and as a means of breaking the ice in social interactions. However, a lot of people have alcohol problems, and sometimes our beloved ones become victims of alcohol addiction. When used properly, alcohol

8 Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories Not To Miss

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There are many factors that cause weight gain: couch potato lifestyle, unhealthy heating habits, addictions, injuries, baby weight gain and more. Have you added some weight in the last couple of months or years and looking to shed some of it? At times all you need is some motivation. Well, look no further. Check out

How to Enslave People With Addiction

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Be it drugs, alcohol, porn, overeating or whatever your personal addiction, put an abuser in a playground and see what happens. You’ve probably heard about those addiction studies with caged lab rats, in which the rats compulsively press the heroin dispensing lever again and again, even to the point of choosing it over food and

6 Foods That Behave Like Addictive Drugs In Your Body?

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So many of my patients struggle with cravings, weight issues, and late night snack binges. Knowing that certain chemicals in foods, called exorphins, can act as addictive drugs may help to develop strategies to improve health. You need to know a little bit about exorphins because the makers of processed food, Big Food, know all

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