Achieve Your Best Life by Challenging Yourself with These 14 Tasks

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Do you feel you’re falling into a routine lately? Do you need a push to escape it? Here is how you can achieve your best life by challenging yourself. They say that we should try one task that scares us every day, but can we really find enough scary things to try? Roller coasters seem like a great idea, but it can’t really be our everyday project. So, here are fourteen

8 Bad Reasons Why People Let Go Of Their Dreams

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Every single child in the world has special ambitions and personal dreams. However, at some decisive point in life, there comes a situation that directs the person’s future. A certain group of people will strive forwards and achieve their goals, whilst another group will let them slip away and will finally let go of their dreams. There is something called conformity – the natural inclination of people to fit into

5 Amazing Things Children Can Teach Us

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Children view life and the world as utopian perfection, were all problems can and should be easily solved. This concept of perfection is gradually degraded as we age and for good reason – life isn’t perfect. But this aim of perfection holds not only beauty in its innocence but a positive outlook and a sense of wonder that is not restricted by dogma or simply what has been before. This

4 Reasons The Big Picture is Hurting Your Goals (and what you should do about it)

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You’re motivated.You know exactly what you need to do, you’ve got it all planned out and all you need to do is stick with it. What could go wrong? Day one, check. You manage to stick with your goal and you’re feeling good. Day two, check. You did it but feel your motivation waning. Day three, miss. You wanted to do it, but realized it’d be months before you made

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