Old Red Goes Green: Recycled Wall Brick Built to Save Water

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It might look like your typical old red clay house-building brick on one side, but turn it over and there is a shift that hints at a deeper design change – one that is eco-friendly but also expressive in a way that most walls or brick are not.

Recycled Wall Brick save water 2

Designed by Jin-young Yoon to be made from recycled plastic and decomposed leaves, this brick is green from the ground up (so to speak) and makes it possible to save water. More than just its composite materials, however, built-in grooves are designed to funnel water for gardening or even long-term underground storage.

sRecycled: Wall Brick save water

In a world where water is becoming the next hot-button resource destined to become scarce, it seems like a good time to start thinking about our most basic building materials and structures (such as bricks and walls) and see how they might shift to accommodate an ever-growing need for homes to have access to nature’s most vital resource.


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Old Red Goes Green: Recycled Wall Brick Built to Save Water

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