Living in the Ray of Love and Wisdom

//Living in the Ray of Love and Wisdom
ray love and wisdom

In the design of the Universe, seven is quite a significant number. There are seven tones on the music scale, seven colors in a rainbow and seven streams of consciousness for a soul to become aware in. As we raise our frequency in attune with these energy streams, we begin to understand how our roles here on Earth match the ray of our personality in this lifetime.

In spiritual terms, we incarnated here on Earth to evolve our souls through experiencing the light of the Source. This evolution seeks to end the divide between personality conflicts, to find atonement by shining a light on our best qualities. The inherent qualities from each of the seven rays of light consciousness combine to resonate a tone. This creates vibrant, amazing energy which meters our ultimate healing and ascension.

The second ray of awareness, or the blue ray, is described as the ray of love and wisdom. People becoming aware on this ray could be called the transformers. The energy they are able to feel, absorb and radiate is incredible. The life themes they face can be very challenging. They feel things on a higher level than others and they seek truth and love above all else. Their usual demeanor is patient and calm with a quiet strength plus a clear mind.

Their compassion is deep along with their need to love. That need, which lives in the truth seeker, produces wisdom on a higher level. When fully realized this wisdom breaks down barriers of judgment, hatred and religion to help others seek new enlightenment. They are the beautiful souls who facilitate animal rescue centers and recreation programs for the elderly. They could work in many different teaching, healing and creative professions. They have heightened intuition which helps them with virtues of patience and intelligence, a true faithfulness to their beliefs and to others.

A soul incarnating on the blue ray has to learn boundaries with others, and to remember to take good care of their physical and emotional health. They have a tendency to work tirelessly, to martyr themselves for others and the causes they believe in. Finding balance is a common life theme with people who feel so much. Being aware of energy drains and others who take advantage of their good nature is usually a lesson they learn early in life when someone else takes something cherished from them. As they mature they recognize the need to take control of their energetic environment on a different path from their own without becoming emotionally cold or distant.

In the ray of love and wisdom souls can often find difficulty in partnership and romantic matters if they find it too overwhelming to trust again once they have been betrayed. They have tendencies to mourn the loss of a partner longer and close their hearts to trying again when experiencing a lower thought process. A highly evolved soul learns how to heal from these events and to manifest the relationship which best compliments the life they desire to live. When living at the highest potential of the ray, these life themes are healed with intuitive guidance, patience and a miracle or two.

Awareness of a blue ray soul is also described as living the ray of applied consciousness. It is an incredible cohesion of creation and manifestation when operating at its highest vibration. When you recognize these qualities in yourself and in others, you know and appreciate how much they offer, and you create an amazing collaboration which raises the vibration of this planet.

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Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, spiritual adviser, healing energy channel, author and teacher. She is the co-founder of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity. Her book “Friends with Lights, A True Story” is available on Amazon; A featured columnist for OM Times Magazine and she has read for clients all over the world.


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Living in the Ray of Love and Wisdom

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