6 Clever Life Hacks to Help You Make Your Life Easier

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Life Hacks to Help You Make Your Life Easier

Life may not be a smooth ride all days. There are times you will consider smart cheating or even shortcuts to evade the harsh conditions that life presents.

You need the relevant life hacks to keep you going, save time, save some cash and to get past whatever challenge that comes your way.

Here are the top best life hacks you need for your busy life schedule to prevent you from losing your mind or rather let you maximize your life experiences!

1. Use binder clip to prevent smelly sponges.

Use binder clip to prevent smelly sponges

Washing sponges smell when not kept properly. Designing a way to air them out may be challenging for some people. It turns out that it’s actually easy than you could ever imagine-you just need a simple binder clip to keep it well aired out and mitigate the production of those annoying smells.

via Thumb Press

2. Don’t lose any drop of your honey.

Don't lose any drop of your honey


To make a DIY bath product; mix honey, olive oil, vanilla with liquid hand soap for a silky smooth wonderful bath experience. Place your ingredients in a plastic bottle and squeeze it as you run your bath.

via Dans Le Lakehouse

3. Use guess what strategy for gifts.

Use guess what strategy for gifts

If you don’t know what gift to pick for your friend, family or partner, then stop agonizing on that. Simply ask them to guess the amazing gift you got for them. It is that simple and doesn’t it make life easy?

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4. Make a sliding storage in your garage.

sliding storage in your garage

There is no need of renting an extra room for storing your equipment. You can make use of your garage space by creating a sliding storage right on your ceiling. The construction process is simple, fast and you may not even require an extra hand to make it look perfect.

via The Family Handyman

5. Maximize your microwave space.

Maximize your microwave space

If two bowls cannot fit in a microwave together, simply raise one of the bowls by fitting it with say a cup underneath it. The raised bowl can maximize the use of space in the upper part of the microwave. This hack is wise, efficient plus it saves you time and space.

via reddit / Red Giants

6. Use crayons to make candles.

Use crayons to make candles

You are perhaps in need of some candle light and you have those old crayons you do not use anymore. Well, you have a perfect replacement for your candles! In fact crayons can light for up to 30 minutes-so who need candles?

via theCHIVE

This just shows that you can make something right out of nothing. Make use of what is around you and enjoy each day of your life as it comes along.

By Egline J.


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