This Is Why Yoga Is Perfect For Your Winter Tune Up

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Yoga For Your Winter Tune Up

While many are picking up expensive gym memberships, and enrolling at name brand studios to get started on their new years resolution, here’s a tip, you don’t have to!

Yoga is an incredibly beneficial exercise for your winter tune up. No matter your age, ailments, or previous health issues, yoga can help you becoming fit without breaking your bank (or touching it at all) and is something you can do at home.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga focuses on bringing the body and mind to its fullest potential. Through cleansing breathing exercises that rejuvenate the mind and soul, to simple postures that help relax the body. Yes, I am saying that exercise can be relaxing! The goal is not to make your body sore, but to ease your body into these postures and to build off of your progress.

Health Benefits

You do not need to put strain on your muscles and joints to get fit, in fact, for some, it can do more damage that good! For that simple reason alone, thousands have turned to yoga as a relaxing alternative for their cardiovascular workout every day.

De-stressing: One of the main points people will say about yoga is how relaxing it can be. From teaching you how to breathe correctly to helping us get rid of that horrid slouch, yoga is non-intensive and easy for anyone from the elderly to a body builder.

Retaining Muscle: After an injury, or preventing a new one, having a toned, balanced body is important. Yoga is meant to help the body become acclimated to new postures, which strengthen the muscles without making you overly sore. Many teachers will stress not hurting your body; this is counterproductive since yoga is meant to heal and protect.

Improving Digestion: While it may seem strange that sitting, or moving your arms in certain ways can aid in digestion, it really can. By focusing on how energy moves through your body, yoga is great for reducing weight, toning your body and promoting regularity.

Start Up Costs

With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can Google simple postures, online studios, or even instructional videos. While a few things may be nice to have; like a yoga mat, they are not required to perform these postures. If you are serious about yoga, and feel comfortable in a studio like setting, classes at your local YMCA are normally pretty cost-effective. Now is a great time to sign up for the classes since specials are being ran for those into their New Year’s resolutions.

Before I leave you, there is a crucial fact every person who is beginning yoga to consider. You should talk to your doctor before starting any exercise routine! While they may suggest certain types of yoga depending on your condition, or give you the green light all together, it is important that it is discussed.

With yoga being an excellent alternative to running or going to the gym, there is no reason you can’t tune up your mind and body this winter!

by Brittany G.

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This Is Why Yoga Is Perfect For Your Winter Tune Up

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