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10 Things Only People Who Suffer from Wanderlust Will Understand

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Wanderlust is the strong desire to wander, travel and explore the world. A beach holiday once a year is far from enough, people with wanderlust seek the road less traveled...just about every other day. Those who suffer from wanderlust simply aren’t happy unless they are discovering new places. They feel an overwhelming need to see every nook and cranny of the earth! Traveling to far and exotic places will impress

Top 10 Cities in India You Must Visit in a Lifetime

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Who says past is gone? In some cities in India, it still lives susurrating in the marble palaces, in fragrances of incense cones, in emerald lakes and in enchanting tones. The country is an abode of cultures, a kaleidoscope of artistry, a chamber of devotion and a medley of bazaars. Many eminent personalities like Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Max Mueller, Romain Rolland etc. have spoken gloriously about the country of

10 Travel Safety Tips You Can’t Afford To Ignore

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If you are planning to travel, make sure to keep in mind these travel safety tips. Are you adventurous by nature and like exploring different places? Then you must have realized that it is always exciting to see new places and people and learn about their culture and traditions. Most of the tourists like to make their trip adventurous and memorable so that they can cherish its moments forever in

3 Steps to Preventing Zika Virus Infection during Trips Abroad

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These tips will help you to prevent Zika virus infection, which began to spread to all the warm countries. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently issued a warning to pregnant women traveling to about 30 countries where there is a high risk of infection by the Zika Virus. This is because Zika virus has been directly linked with the birth of babies having microcephaly. Zika virus can also cause

5 Great Tourist Destinations around the Globe Where You Can Improve Your Health

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Do you want to rejuvenate mentally and physically? These great tourist destinations will let you combine vacation with health improvement. Some people travel the world to party. Some people pack their bags to gaze their eyes upon beautiful architectures of the distant countries while some just like to travel and runaway into a tropical paradise to relax and just enjoy their time. However, there is a group of people who

10 Must-Have Items for Camping and Outdoor Activities

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Do you need to escape in nature and don't know which items for camping to have with? We've created a list for you. Initially camping trips used to simple and viewed as a primitive adventure but these days it is no longer the case. Thanks to the evolution in technology you are in of an exciting, exhilarating and long lasting camping experience. Below are 10 must-have items for camping for

Clever Traveling T-Shirt Helps You Communicate Around the World Without Speaking Foreign Languages

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This clever icon traveling T-shirt lets you easily communicate wherever you are in the world, even if you don’t speak foreign languages! When you travel the world, as much as you would like to, it's impossible to learn every language of every country you visit. You can take guide books with you and practice on the plane, but when you actually arrive in the country and have to start speaking

8 Ways to Experience Any City in the World Like a Local

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When you visit a city you want to get a flavor for the real people who live there – what they like to eat, do, and where they like to drink. That’s why it’s important to read these top tips for your next trip to help you blend into the city like a local. 1. Shop at the supermarket Grocery stores are a great place to get a feel for

12 Best Destinations for Romantic Getaways (Perfect to Rekindle Your Romance)

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We love each other but somewhere in our daily routine forget to express it often and hence, it becomes important to take time off from our busy schedules and take a vacation. A good destination plays a crucial role in giving you a relaxed and rejuvenated time. From wine yard country retreats to beach paradises, we bring you a super cool list of enchanting vacation destinations to swoon over. Read

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