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Anastasia Tilston is an entrepreneur, a writer and a photographer with a passion for art and spirituality. Anastasia resides in Chester, UK and is greatly involved in various creative activities and art projects both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Anastasia enjoys traveling and exploring the world around her and is always willing to learn and try new things.

7 Relationship Myths You Should Stop Believing to Be Happy

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Are you ready to debunk some relationship myths? If you’ve had or are having trouble in your relationship, you’ve probably received lots of advice. Sometimes it seems like everybody who has ever been married/in a relationship or knows anyone who has ever been married thinks that he or she actually holds the secret to guaranteeing endless love and happiness. And is always willing to share the information and tell you

Why Do Opposites Attract? Science Finally Has the Answer

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Have you ever wondered why opposites attract? When it comes to relationships, finding the ideal partner could be easy for some and difficult for others because it’s heavily dependent on the characteristics we value most in people. Have you ever thought that it is quite a cruel joke of nature that so many of us find ourselves attracted to people who are very much unlike us - those who are

Why Everyone Is Suddenly Putting Honey in Coffee

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While we usually put honey in tea, a new study reveals putting natural honey in coffee could have its own unique benefits. It’s no secret that the sugar we add to our coffee isn’t so great for our health. It contains empty calories, and consuming too much of it may contribute to weight gain and cavities. Some people switch to artificial sweeteners, which don’t contain calories, but they are made

What to Do When You Are Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

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Are you feeling lonely in your relationship? Most people believe that once you’re in a serious relationship, you will never feel lonely again. How could you possibly feel alone when you’ve got someone on your side loving, supporting and motivating you? However, if you’re feeling lonely in a relationship, you’re not alone. Every couple at some point experiences this problem… After some time, people start drifting apart. Things change. You

7 Struggles Only Unemotional Women Will Understand

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Is there something wrong with unemotional women? A lot of unemotional people (especially unemotional women) go through life wondering why they are not more sensitive, emotional and  don’t feel as much as they ‘should’,  but for some this is totally normal. It isn’t strange or a sign of not being well-adjusted — it is simply a different way of dealing with your feelings. Some people, as psychologists are observing, find

7 Signs of Emotional Maturity: How Many Can You Relate to?

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Do you think there is a certain age at which emotional maturity sets in? 18 or 21? 30 or even 40? Maybe 70? Who can tell?! There are young people who are mature well beyond their years, and on the other hand, there are much older people who act so childish! So, what are the main character traits that show emotional maturity? When are you old enough to say “I’m

Here Is Why Being Single Is not Always a Bad Thing

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Being single sometimes can mean an easier and happy life. Single people are too often stereotyped and stigmatized. You may be surprised, but a lot of people actually choose to remain single. We tend to pity those without a partner and encourage them not to give up; we tell them that they will find true love and be happy with someone. But they really need our pity?! Did you know,

5 Reasons Why Your Friends and Other People Mistreat You

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Do your friends or people in your circle mistreat you? In this article, you will learn why this happens and how to stop anyone of doing it. Friendships are always very different and unique. We all have friends! Some of us have a lot of them; some of us have only a few, but human interactions and building connections are in our nature – after all, we are very sociable

7 Types of Friends You Ought To Have In Your Life

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What types of friends do you have in your life? Having great friends is awesome! Having different types of friends is even better. We all need support and people who we can trust around us… Who are those irreplaceable people in our lives and why is it important to have them? We all need support and people who we can trust around us… Who are those irreplaceable people in our

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