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Alternative Car Fuels A Full Guide (Infographic)

In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of 10 of the most common alternative car fuels.

The modern day motorist is far more likely to be environmentally conscious than those from previous generations, with the effects of air pollution from fossil fuels well publicized. Motorists who may not feel comfortable with using traditional fuels such as petroleum and diesel now have a wide range of greener alternatives from which they can choose, and the benefits and drawbacks of 10 of the most common alternative car fuels are explored in the infographic below.

There are quite a few considerations to bear in mind when selecting an alternative vehicle fuel. Some will be readily available whereas others can be hard to source. Unsurprisingly, the cost is a major criterion, and the prices of the fuels mentioned in the infographic can vary substantially; likewise, with fuel efficiency.

Then there is also the environmental impact to consider, and that is quite likely to be the most crucial factor for motorists pursuing alternative car fuels. The low-to-zero emission options usually enjoy an advantage as a result.

Looking for a low-cost alternative?

  • Try electric cars or biodiesel (fuel created from cooking oils and grease).
  • Need an alternative fuel source that is widely available?
  • Ethanol or propane is probably your best bet.
  • Are you after optimum efficiency?
  • Compressed air and liquid nitrogen tick this box.

If it’s the most environmentally friendly option you desire, it’s hard to beat solar power, although you’ll need regular sunlight to get the most out of this option.

Never have there been more alternatives for the environmentally friendly motorist than there is today. Indeed, such is the variety of options at our disposal that the benefits which traditional fuels enjoyed (wide availability, greater efficiency) are being eroded. If you haven’t properly considered switching to an alternative fuel source, now is the time to think about it in detail.

There are plenty of good options out there, as well as an abundance of information; and, by making the switch, you’ll be doing your bit to help the Earth. While that in itself may not seem like radical action to combat climate change, it’s a step in the right direction, and every small step represents progress in this regard.

Alternative Car Fuels Infographic

Author Bio: Neil Tohill is the Managing Director of Southside Motor Factors (, a car parts distributor based in Dublin, Ireland. Neil is an expert on all things automotive and is committed to promoting environmentally responsible motoring in his line of work.


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