A Complete Guide to Energy Efficient Home Lighting – Infographic

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Energy Efficient Home Lighting - Infographic

This amazing infographic by WellHome.com will help us save energy by illustrating the differences between the many choices in home lighting.

We can reduce our environmental impact and also lower our energy bills with the use of efficient lighting options.

Home lighting is an underrated part of home energy efficiency that can be easily overlooked by “larger” issues, such as heating and cooling. However, investing in more energy efficient lighting can significantly lower your energy usage and even impact how you feel. This infographic will teach you about different types of lighting and how you can convert your home into a “greener” place to live simply through lighting.

Understanding Light Bulbs

Power of light source: A foot candle is the measurement of the intensity of illumination.

  • 5-20 foot candles of illumination allow you to find your way at night.

The flow of light energy: Lumen measures the amount of light emitted by a light bulb.

  • 100-watt incandescent bulbs emit 1750 lumens.

Illumination on the surface: Illumination is the distribution of light on a horizonal surface.

A Complete Guide to Energy Efficient Home Lighting


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A Complete Guide to Energy Efficient Home Lighting - Infographic

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